10 mistakes we sometimes make when planning a Wedding

tips for planning a wedding in miami

You prepare a year in advance, you have dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl and now that the date is approaching you to expect everything to go as you always wanted, but how to avoid those little mistakes.

1. Planning without having a tentative list of the number of guests

how to make a wedding guest list

The first thing you should do before choosing the banquet hall for the reception is to define a probable guest list since the capacity of the banquet hall will depend on it. It is very likely that the number on that list will vary, but it will serve to guide you in the size of your wedding, as well as in the realization of the rental budget for a banquet hall.

2. Talking only about the wedding

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Many times relating everything to the wedding can go unnoticed by you, but when it comes time to spend time with your fiancé, the wedding should not be a priority, your relationship should be. That's why we recommend that you take a day out of the week where you don't talk about anything related to the wedding, it will help you to clear your heads and grow as a couple.

3. Obsessing about someone else "copying" your ideas

No doubt you have dedicated a lot of time and effort to that special day and that is why you want your wedding to be unique and special. But what happens when you find out that someone you know bought the same dress as you did, or hired the same group, florist, etc. Well, if they bought the same dress like you, the truth is that nothing happens because each person's dress looks very different. As for the other original ideas you have, try not to shout them to the four winds and be more discreet so this will not happen to you.

4. Buy a dress one size smaller

how to choose my wedding dress

You found the perfect dress, it matches the colors and decoration of the banquet hall and it is time to order it and you decide to choose a smaller size "because you are on a diet and you are going to lose weight" and we do not doubt it, however, the best thing would be to order the size that fits you at this moment and once your dress arrives for the first fittings you can make the necessary modifications. Remember it is much easier to remove fabric than to put fabric.

5. Last minute changes

how to write a wedding planner

You are weeks away from your wedding and you realize that the centerpieces you chose for your banquet hall are not what you want. Don't worry if you still have enough time you can go talk to the florist and tell her about your concerns, talk to her to see if you can make the changes without modifying the budget so much. In case it varies a lot, another option you can do is to add some small detail that will make it look different and more suited to your tastes.

6. Mistakes in the invitations

The invitations were delivered and you realize that your mom's name is misspelled. The first thing you should do to make sure this never happens is to ask your supplier for a sample, even if it is through the computer, to see how they would look like so you can perfectly check all the spelling so there won't be any mistakes. If you didn't have the opportunity and they already gave them to you with an error and there is not enough time to correct them, that's okay, just give them to them as is. The important thing is that the date and place are correct.

7. Going over budget

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If you do not keep track of your expenses and do not plan ahead, this is likely to happen, so it would be best to keep a record of advances and future payments so you can see how they are going and if you see that you are starting to go over budget, try to cut expenses that are not so necessary.

8. Leave everything to the end

There is only 1 week left until your wedding and you haven't paid all your suppliers, you haven't packed your suitcase, you haven't picked up your dress and you have more to finish. To avoid this kind of situation, we suggest you use a planner or a calendar where you plan to finish all the wedding-related pending one week before the wedding. In order to relax and enjoy your last week at home.

9. Don't delegate

If you are one of those obsessive brides who doesn't trust anyone and likes to do everything by herself, we advise you to start planning your wedding well in advance, since planning a wedding requires the help of family members or in some cases wedding experts. Since you won't be able to take care of everything on the day of the wedding, it would be best to have someone close to you to be in charge of everything so that you can help them and enjoy your day.

10. Arriving at the wedding and getting upset because it wasn't the flowers, it wasn't the food or the music.

When you enter the banquet hall you chose, you realize that those weren't the flowers you had chosen or it wasn't the choir or some other unforeseen event. But luckily you are getting married and it is the day you always dreamed of and it is up to you to enjoy it or not, so we beg you to put aside the small details and focus on enjoying your once in a lifetime day.

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