10 trends for weddings: What are you waiting to shine?

Updated: Mar 4

In 2020 we are experiencing an atypical situation as a consequence of the coronavirus. We are now entering the second half of the year, and although the outlook is still not very clear for the industry, we can appreciate the determination and desire of all the experts to celebrate marriages again. But beware! that before these moments, the bridal industry in the world does not rest. And this is how the experts present us with the latest in weddings: styles, colors, and shapes that are a trend this year and that will continue to prevail in 2021.

As we know, many of the bride and groom in Colombia had to postpone their weddings due to the spread of the pandemic. According to the latest sample taken by Zankyou Weddings to 400 couples, 97% of the bride and groom decided to postpone their wedding to the end of this year and also to 2021, since they planned to carry out the wedding in May, June, and July, months where to concentrate the largest number of weddings. Here we present the new lines and trends that will steal the spotlight at weddings. It's time to update you on the 10 ideas that shine in the world of weddings.

1. 'Office style ' wedding dresses

Just as you read it. Now classic and romantic wedding dresses compete with avant-garde designs in which new cuts and silhouettes stand out, previously unthinkable for a wedding. We are talking about wedding dresses that include jackets, blazers, vests with lapels, pieces similar to office sets, and that for a wedding are complemented with long skirts with volume or midi, seeking to give a trendy and cosmopolitan nuance to the bridal look.

2. Jewelry and 'maxi' accessories

This trend of jackets and blazers makes the wedding dress look simple, but not for it shocking and sophisticated. The key is also to include great accessories, thus giving way to another trend in bridal styling: wearing bridal jewelry and maxi accessories, which achieve a flattering balance. The key is to balance the proportions and not see yourself overloaded with what you choose for your B-day.

3. One-shoulder necklines

The designs in wedding dresses are reinvented to present romantic options that integrate the sensuality of the bride. The new proposals stand out at the top for wearing a single bare shoulder, a style that fits perfectly with almost any wedding style, be it classic, bohemian, or glamorous.

This is how you will find proposals with striking and dramatic bows, ribbons, tulle flowers, and embossed details that will add drama and fine coquetry when you wear it on your way to the altar. Industry houses and designers such as Pronovias, Ines Di Santo, Monique Lhuillier, among others have included them in their 2020 collections.

4. Customizable groom suits

Gone are the conventional groom suits, welcoming transgressive proposals that involve both trend and romanticism in the groom's styling. This is how we will find the riskiest, suits in black and white colors but decorated with embroidery and stones (on lapels, pockets, and sides).

In contrast and also as a trend, we find checkered and pinstripe suits, following the elegant line of the French man of the 20s, in neutral colors such as gray, blue, even dark greens, they will continue to conquer the male public. How to choose a wedding suit: here is the answer.

5. Neo-mint color: the new must-have?

As for colors, Pantone chose classic blue, as the color of 2020, but we also welcome a hue that you will surely want to involve in the decorative concept of your entire wedding. Neo-mint (neo-mint), a neutral color, with a resemblance to pastel green that, according to fashion and design experts, has been stealing the bridal scene, being an oxygenating color, in tune with nature, Science, and technology.

6. Metallic for a ' glam ' wedding venue

The metalized Wedding decoration is a trend that prevailed hard and continues to position itself as the favorite this year for the couple. The reason? By incorporating elements and details in metallic tones, you will give your wedding a glamorous status. You can use them in invitation cards, centerpieces, decoration of spaces. The glitter effect suits an evening wedding, while the matte effect is ideal for daytime or outdoor weddings.

7. Finger food and international food trucks

Food stalls from all over the world (or regions) continue to trend: Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Oriental, etc. The key is to locate them in corners or food trucks in strategic places in the event venue. A particularity for 2020 is finger food, a type of cuisine, in which small snacks and synthesized dishes are prepared to pick up with the fingers, without complications, and far from the protocol.

8. Ambient lighting

Excellent lighting can make your wedding venue sparkle at dusk or in the moonlight. Playing with light, integrating the natural with the artificial, will help you create unique and romantic atmospheres on that day. Ambient lighting takes center stage at weddings, and not only outdoors but also indoors, setting the tone and mood of the moment.

Imagine the place as a 'lightbox' and with the help of the wedding planner and professionals, integrate natural lighting; for this, experts advise leaning on light curtains, micro led light bulbs, and even chandeliers and candles.

9. Eco-friendly weddings

Today we all seek to contribute a 'grain of sand' in the preservation of the ecosystem; And it is that in the face of drastic changes in the environment, unflattering for nature and by extension, for man, during the planning of the wedding, the bride and groom are looking for alternatives to reduce the environmental impact for their celebration.

And although you will surely already have a clearly established wedding budget, there are always easy alternatives to making an eco-friendly wedding, such as using elements made from recycled paper or even offering snacks and local and organic dishes in the catering.

10. Hanging catering

For the celebration of your wedding, the professionals in wedding planning are opting for a style to decorate spaces such as the catering and cocktail areas: suspended elements and hanging from the ceiling.

We had already talked about the hanging decoration, but not about the hanging dessert or drink table. Can you imagine your wedding cake suspended in a hoop, decorated with flowers and foliage? Or a drink bar installed on swings or bases? It will be something with which you will surprise and what your guests will talk about, for the originality. Know the 5 steps to choose your wedding menu.

As you can see, the latest wedding trends integrate the 'wow' factor. It will depend on your tastes and preferences to include them in the organization of your wedding. Always remember to get advice from experts in the field who can help you materialize ideas and thus make your day an unforgettable experience, for you, your husband, and the guests.

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