25 decoration ideas for 15th Birthday Party 🎈

Catering table with different buns and sweets

The 15-year-old parties are those types of parties in which the age of fifteen is celebrated. If you are preparing one of these parties and are looking for decoration ideas for 15 years, you are in luck! Today we are going to present you with 25 decoration ideas of 15 years, enjoy them!

Aerial view of paris and the river on the side

A good decorating idea for a 15-year-old party is to decorate the event room with a theme like a city. Paris is for many young women a benchmark of love, one of the most important values, along with friendship, that they have at this age.

A lot of photos on a table

If you want to succeed with the decoration for 15 years, a good way to do it is with a fun photocall that has your guests take photos in it. These photos can later be uploaded to social networks, in addition to being included in the album of this special party.

Blue doorway with a beautiful view in the other side

Decorating the walls and doors is an idea that you can put into practice in the decoration that you want to do for the 15-year party. In this case, they have taken advantage of the paper tassels that can be obtained in any decoration house. They are very inexpensive and the result, as you can see, is really amazing. You can bet on several colors, how is this door that leads to the garden beautiful?

Centerpiece with white flowers and candles in hearth shaped containers

You also have to think about the centerpieces, these can be very varied, although at 15-year parties many times we tend to use elements that remind girls or women, such as flowers and the pink color that we see in the previous photo.

Colorful balloons in a pool

The decoration with balloons for 15 years is very important when we organize an event of these characteristics since it is usually an ornamental element that has a lot of weight and great importance. In the previous photo, we can also see a photo with festive balloons, very beautiful and colorful

Another example of a simple photocall, it doesn't take much to get your guests to enjoy themselves. In this case, it is an outdoor photocall, with a suitcase in which we can find many costume elements for when the guests take photos.

More ideas for a 15-year outdoor decoration. Here we can see the use of giant balloons and other colorful elements that give a party touch to this rustic environment. It is very striking and can be curious about the organization of a party of 15 years.

Fluorescent dust glowing in the dark

Another interesting idea for your party is to use glow-in-the-dark paint, like the one we can see in this photograph. In addition to how original it is, you will make the guests have fun painting each other's faces.

Catering table with a lot of candy

If the protagonist of your 15-year-old party wants a rather classic decoration that refers to Disney fairy tales, a good option is to opt for a candy bar like the one we see in the photograph, in which we can place all kinds of cyan-colored sweets.

Candy bar with a lot of candy filled barrels

Another way to have an outdoor candy bar is to use this kind of staggered shelves in which we will place trinkets on each of the shelves. It is a good way to have an original Candy bar for our 15-year party without taking up much.

Clay fairy in a forest

A decoration for 15 years with unicorns as protagonists? It's possible! If the birthday girl likes this type of mythological beings, why not bet on them as we see in this photograph? The result is really beautiful, full of magic and flirtation.

Table with fruits and flowers on top

A much more classic idea is to bet on centerpieces with flowers, in this case, it is blue and pink flowers that can refer us to the typical colors used on the walls of the little ones. It is a good way to decorate the tables of our 15 years parties.

Hand full of colors

One way to decorate a 15-year-old party is by choosing a color range like the one in the photograph and making the whole party revolve around these colors, this will help us make the party attract a lot of attention and have its personal touch.

fluorescent paint covering a girl in a dark room

Another example of how to decorate a quinceañera party using fluorescent lights, in this way you will be able to give the birthday girl a completely different party than what is usual among the 15-year parties that are seen today. A completely different example of a 15-year party is to use boho decor features. It is a decoration that is becoming popular today and that can give you real possibilities using DIY and crafts.

Woman with a flower crown

Do you want a 15-year-old decoration that has queens and princesses as its theme? No matter how old the girl is, many of them want to continue feeling like queens all their lives, so it is a theme to always keep in mind.

People going through a streen full of leaves

Another good idea to keep in mind if the party is organized during the summer months is to celebrate an XV-year party in the pool, with fun floats like the ones we see in this photograph, which will attract a lot of attention and will be treated of a completely different party.

Table full of decorative pearls

Silver and gold along with white and black can be the main colors in the decoration of our 15-year party venue. You can put a decorated table like the one we see in the photograph, giving it an elegant look.

Pastel colors pallete

In the same way, we may want to bet on pastel colors to decorate our candy table for the quinceañera party, if so, do not fear, you can do it by following this example that we see in the previous photograph.

Music decorated white room

Another theme that can be perfect for the quinceañera decoration is the one we see in the previous photograph: that of music. If the birthday girl wants to be a singer or loves this world, a good way is to decorate following this theme.

3 women in elegant dresses drinking wine in a dark room

A quinceañera overnight? And why not? In this example, we can see how they have celebrated one of these parties during the night, something that gives it a completely more elegant and sophisticated air. Attention to the paper garlands hanging from the ceiling and the lights, which give it a beautiful look.

Woman in a white dress

A new example of 15-year decoration in which we can see how young girls want to continue being princesses. The color pink and white will give us an ideal setting to end up celebrating these beautiful parties that are a call to life.

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