4 ideas to organize an original event 💯

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If your event is very close or if you have already imagined it, here are some creative ideas to organize it and make it have this special and unique touch of an original event.


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Create multimedia experiences through the five senses; combine textures using, for example, velvet, marble, tableware, fruit centerpieces, etc.

In the drinks menu, an excellent option is to exploit the mixology and offer a variety that is appropriate to your menu proposal.


Ideal for children's parties. An escape room is a physical and mental adventure game, to solve themed puzzles, it is presented as entertainment for children and adults. In addition, it usually has arcade games with video game downloads, so it will be a comprehensive and exciting experience to achieve your original event.


Sometimes integrating color in a wedding or event has been understood as synonymous with little elegance. But the reality is that this is not the case. If you dare to carefully combine all the elements, the result can be 10 and you will make everyone remember it.


ideas for themed decorations a banquet hall

This applies to business events. Create a spectacular entrance as a first impression, which is very striking for your sector. Try to have incredible effects that combine lights, colors, and textures. Giant size 3D logos, vinyl figures on the floor, etc.

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