5 Original ideas for parties for Adults and Children 🥳

Finding 5 original ideas for parties for adults and children is not an easy task and it all depends, if you are an event organizer maybe you are just looking for inspiration or want to innovate if you just signed up to organize. If this is your case then do not stay with these ideas and sign up for our Diplomas in Event Organization and learn all the trends in this fast-moving world.

Or it may also just be an event in which you offered to help because the protagonist is someone very close to you and you want to make an effort for him or her and do something that he or she always wants to tell at any family gathering while you modestly say: «It is not for so much".

But you and we know the truth, it was a lot, so if this is your case and you think there is a possibility that soon you want to dedicate yourself to this in a more professional way, then also sign up for our Diplomas in Organization of Events.

Who says this will be your only time?


The trends, as its name suggests, change every year, the trends in event organization for 2019 are not the same for this year, to give an example, so there are always relevant topics to organize events.

And whether you are looking for original ideas for birthdays such as children's parties or XV years, or ideas for adult parties such as weddings, we have created this guide of 5 original ideas for parties for adults and children

Party Idea 1: Spaces with Lights

Dirt road in a forest

Imagine a party in a secluded place, you could think of a forest, a farm or a garden, have you seen any such party? You must have seen them, at least in some movie. Spaces with lights are perhaps one of the most memorable party ideas in our humble opinion, a perfect vintage-type adult birthday decoration.

So, if it is a place like a farm or garden, the trend in weddings, XV years, birthdays, among other types of social events, must be an open place that is available at night. Vintage decoration is the most in and is achieved by placing lights with bulbs, candles, and fabrics, which not only generates a magical moment but also gives a special touch to the banquet.

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Hanging gardenparty

The second trend in party decoration for adults is multimedia experiences through the five senses. And yes, we know what you are wondering, how can I achieve such a thing when it comes to adult party decorations?

This is observed in the assembly when combining textures using, for example, velvet, marble, tableware, centerpieces with fruits, etc. On the drinks menu, an excellent option is to exploit what mixology offers and offer a variety that is ad hoc with your menu proposal.

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Night starry sky in a forest

As every year when it comes to party decoration for adults, PANTONE is present in all areas.

This year it's the turn of the classic blue or classic blue, PANTONE 19-4052, which, according to the executive director of PANTONE, is: “An evocative, limitless blue of the vast and infinite night sky that encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking ”.

Therefore, you can use it at your event as a theme party idea for adults in the decoration of the centerpieces, fabrics, and even the tableware, personalizing everything with that color that will be in the mouth all year.


Heavy snow storm in a forest

How have you found these party ideas so far? Do you think you can make a difference in your events with these adult party themes? If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments and share them with the community. Let's get back to the party ideas, with you: All White.

One of the trends for the next 2020 in weddings, is the all-white or total white, as its name implies, it consists of using this color in everything, from tablecloths and candles to chairs and cake, etc.

It is the most elegant, but ... it is not for every event since it implies placing this color indoors, so if you opt for this trend of party decoration for adults, it is advisable to adapt it to a closed place, unlike the ideas for previous parties.

Anyway, if you organize an event and plan a wedding with all white, you will surely achieve a touch of glamor and innovation, you can know our guide to themed weddings, a modern and stylish trend.


Puzzle with one piece up

Yes, we know, they are complicated names, but this particular party idea is one of the ideal trends for children's parties.

An escape room is a physical and mental adventure game, to solve themed puzzles, it is widely used in Europe and the United States and is presented as a fashionable alternative of entertainment for children and adults, yes, adults can also play. Also, it usually has arcade games with video game downloads, so it will be a comprehensive and exciting experience.

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