A Christmas in Miami - What to do? 🎄

Updated: Mar 4

Best places in Miami to visit in Miami 🚶‍♂️

The forest of Santa Claus 🎅

The Miami amusement park, Tropical Park, during Christmas dates also disguises itself as Christmas, and all its activities, attractions, and workshops are transformed into one of the largest children's Christmas activities in Miami. If you are going to travel to Miami for Christmas with children, visiting this park is a great option, since the children will surely be more than fascinated, so prepare your camera to capture those images so that your album has a beautiful memory.

It is the largest holiday theme park in the world, with more than 100 Walks, shows, games, and attractions. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come each year to experience the magic of the tallest Christmas tree light show in South Florida, millions of dazzling lights, hundreds of themed exhibits, festive Christmas music, delicious meals from around the world, shows of live shows, and carnival games suitable for the whole family. So do not stay without visiting, come and enjoy.

The wonderful ship parades 🚢

Get onboard a New River cruise ship and participate in the annual boat parade of the Hard Rock winter festival of Seminole Hard Rock. Each year, the parade, Florida's largest day live audience event, attracts more than 1 million viewers along its 12-mile route. Enjoy a buffet dinner and a cash bar by joining hundreds of other boats with Christmas lights to celebrate the season. Or if you prefer you can also see them from the outskirts of the coast.

For 41 years it is typical that on December 15, Miami ships will be decorated with lights and parade throughout the coastal area. During this activity, you will see large yachts adorned from top to bottom with lights and Christmas motifs parading one after the other along the coast of Miami. This event is one of the great Christmas traditions of Miami. Also, during this day it is possible to do some activities within these beautiful boats such as going for a cocktail or enjoying a romantic dinner in Miami.

Christmas snow in Miami

If it is Coconut Grove, at the Coco Walk Mall, it is typical that every year they fill the streets of this entire area with artificial snow. Christmas in Miami is quite hot, but Coco Walk does not want children to miss the opportunity to play with the snow. That is why on the first Saturdays of December they fill the entire street with artificial snow so that children can make snowmen or play throwing snowballs. It's really wonderful, don't miss it.

Turning on lights on Christmas tree ✨

It is something spectacularly beautiful one of the first events that you are going to live if you are going to travel for Christmas in Miami is the lighting of the Christmas tree lights in Miami City Hall, it is something really impressive, The date of this event usually takes place the first Saturday of December from 6:00 p.m. A lot of people gather in this square to wait for the tree lights to come on to welcome Christmas. Once the lights of the impressive tree are turned on, large troupes begin to sound that accompanied by a large number of people, firefighters, and policemen as well as schools attend. The lighting of the Christmas tree lights in Miami is one of the biggest events in the city that brings together all kinds of audiences.

Do not stay without having fun and family, in these spectacular places where you will feel the Harmony, Beauty, and above all the Christmas spirit that fill these sites.


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