Banquet hall or Garden, what to choose for my Wedding?

Choosing the banquet hall where you will celebrate your wedding is usually very difficult since you do not know where it will be the right place for the reception. This is a priority in the preparations so that from there you can start with the decoration that you are going to put, centerpieces, etc.

Among the different options that exist for a wedding, the most sought after are the gardens and banquet hall, since there are many options of them in all cities.


Season in which the event will take place

It is important that you take into account the date your wedding is going to be since if you want it to be a garden, but it is in winter, you and your guests may not have such a good time because of the cold.


Establish the time you want your event to take place, whether it will be day or night.


Define the number of guests you are going to have so that the banquet hall is adequate and there is enough space for everyone.


If you want your wedding to have a more romantic or bohemian style, you should choose a garden, but if you want something more elegant, we recommend opting for a banquet hall.

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Being clear about the budget that you are going to allocate for the reception is important, with them you will also be able to know what is best for your wedding, without spending too much money.

If even with all these tips you do not know what to choose, remember that there are salons that offer you both; banquet hall with a garden, which is excellent because that way you can enjoy everything in one place.

Remember that the most important thing that both of you agree on all these details so that you enjoy this beautiful day to the fullest.

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