Entertainment and Shows for 15th Birthday Parties 🥳

If you are about to turn 15 years old and you are preparing an unforgettable party for you and your guests, we leave you some ideas to make it a success.

Giving that original touch to the Banquet Hall of your choice can be considered a bit difficult to achieve, entertaining your friends and family makes a difference and highlights your birthday from everyone else, making your party something out of the ordinary.


If you lean towards a show for your party, it implies a show that is presented to an audience. To provoke the delight of your guests there are different types of shows


This type of animation is very recurrent since, in addition to presenting itself as an exhibition for the guests, they are usually interactive, that is, they make your guests participate by including you. For example, there are film-themed choreographies or dances set at different times.

Bands / singers

If you like music, this idea is a good option. Ask them to cover your favorite songs and enjoy the party.

Actors / entertainers

Themed parties are in trend lately and if you decide to organize one, we recommend inviting actors who can do a mime show or people who represent celebrities or journalists.

Lighting / technological

For the entertainment of this type, dance choreography can be used with costumes that emit light like LED robots that move infusion with the music.

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Magic / illusion

It is always a good option to entertain and amuse all people regardless of their age. Magicians and illusionists play with their hands and manage to capture our attention with optical illusions.


Activities that allow people to have fun and keep a nice memory of your party are what make a small difference.

Photo booths

They are in trend, they are a fun option to entertain guests, it allows taking instant photos inside a photo booth, decorated with headbands and props. You can distribute them as souvenirs.

Minute by minute projections

Using a hashtag, tell your guests to upload photos of your party to social media while they are being projected on a giant screen.

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