Games for childrens at Quarantine 👫

Updated: Mar 4

It is not always necessary to leave home or organize special plans to entertain one or more children. We don't need to spend money taking our kids to expensive shows, amusement parks, drop-in parties, or house parties with artists for their friends. The most expensive plans don't have to be the most fun.

Put boredom aside!

With adhesive tape

Let's start with a material that can give us hours of fun: adhesive tape. Preferably, we should use one that is easy to remove and does not damage the floors, such as the one used when doing paintwork or home renovations.

Revolution Party Studio offers us this simple game that consists of marking with tape two lanes in which the children will have to compete by "pushing" small bombs using a stick, through which they will blow, trying not to get out of their lane.

🎁 The costume box 🎇

In a cardboard box or basket, put everything that can be used to make small role-playing games. An old carnival wig, a cape, a nightgown, a hat, a pair of plastic glasses. Any accessory to dress up will be useful. Once disguised, you and the children can make up stories in which to play a character. What better game for a child than to be the protagonist of his own story? Better yet, if the made-up story is about characters from everyday life, it can become a great opportunity to imitate adults. Your child may be a doctor, a mother with her baby, a dog, or a cat. In this way, through imitation and play, the child learns behaviors and social rules.

  And he will also have a really good time!

Disposable cups 🗼

Materials that we use frequently for crafts are disposable paper or plastic, which can also be useful for making fun games, like this one to build a wall with glasses. To add more emotion, we can set a time limit to do it, and whoever manages to stack more glasses wins.

The darkroom 😱

A very fun game is The darkroom. One person must wait outside the room, while the others hide and turn off the light so that the room is dark. Once they have hidden, they warn the boy to come in and look for them. Once inside, he must find them and guess who he is and also say his name. The game ends when the seeker finds all the hidden ones.

🎵 Karaoke 🎵

Kids and adults love to sing, and playing karaoke is always a good way to hang out, especially for those who feel a passion for music and have a good voice.

I come from the supermarket

A game that allows you to use memory. It's about recreating a shopping list. The first one should say: "I come from the supermarket and I have bought oranges" Then each player must repeat the previously purchased products and add one more. The one that fails is removed, and the game continues until only one participant remains.

So don't be bored anymore and put your creativity to flight


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