How to choose the best Banquet Hall for a Wedding? 💍

Updated: Mar 4

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The venue of the wedding is essential so that those to whom you have sent the wedding invitations, with the pertinent indications, can have a wonderful experience in every way: when entering the venue, when enjoying the original ideas for weddings that you have planned for them and even when choosing the party dresses that they will wear on B-day. Do you already know where you will celebrate it? If not, don't miss out on these keys. They will make your choice easier and help you get it right. Insurance!

1. Compelling reasons

Some couples do not ask all these questions, because they are clear: "we will get married where my parents did", "we want to get married at the place of the first date", "it will be in the garden of our farm"...

Whether for family or sentimental reasons, those who are linked to a specific place do not have to question some things, yes ... but they must consider others, as if the space is large enough so that all the guests can move without problems - above all If you have opted for a cocktail-style banquet and, in addition to loved ones, waiters will also be serving drinks and dishes - if it will be accessible for pushchairs and people with reduced mobility, if there will be space for the final party, If there will be no problem when creating a corner with ideas for a candy bar.

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2. Where will it be and how to get there

Other couples must continue deciding which criteria to prioritize in choosing the venue, according to their personality, their tastes, and their hobbies: the beach, the mountains, the countryside, the garden of a farmhouse, a spacious living room with wonderful views. ..

In any case, make it clear how to get to the place in question in the texts for wedding invitations. If it is very complicated, you can add a plan, map, or sketch that makes it easier for attendees to find them or enable coaches so that guests who wish to can move around without problems.

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3. As close as possible ... or even in the same place!

Many couples choose to have the ceremony and the banquet in one place. An option that, in recent years, has been gaining numerous followers. An option that will also be very suitable if you have decided to get married in another town, city, region or even country because you will avoid that those guests who have had to travel to your wedding may feel lost.

In the banquet directory of the portal, you will find dream spaces where you can celebrate both a civil and a religious bond –in small chapels–, before continuing with the wedding banquet a few meters away. Also, as a fun idea for your wedding, you can set up a hotel so that attendees who wish can stay for the night or have a room where they can rest and relax as much as they wish.

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4. In private, please

Many couples want their big day to be unique and 100% exclusive, so before deciding on one space or another it is important to take into account whether, on the same day of your wedding, another celebration will take place in the same place. Exclusivity in services - or not - is one of the factors that will largely determine whether it is the right place for you or not.

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5. Division of spaces

Taking into account the infrastructure of the place, its dimensions, and its possibilities, assess the distribution of the space and everything it includes. Can you have internal and external areas? Will it be necessary to rent furniture? Will you have a specific place for each place of the celebration?

Do not forget this aspect and, when visiting the different options on your list, pay special attention to where the aperitif will take place, where the banquet will take place, where the first dance, where the party, where to install the ideas for the photocall and where will arrange the recipe. Also, make sure that space has enough services for all your loved ones.

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6. Unbeatable treatment

It goes without saying: humane treatment is what ultimately makes the difference and what will make your choice go one place or another. Although it is a question of "chemistry", ask your doubts about the development of the big day, make sure that space will be 100% to your liking and that you can make changes if some element does not convince you ... Hire someone who takes care of you and help you to make everything go smoothly. It's your big day and it should be perfect from start to finish.

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7. Guest-space ratio

Taking into account the number of guests (which those responsible for the venue will ask you to define as of a deadline) you will know if you need to have a large space to house your many family and friends or if it is going to be a link intimate, you do not need large environments. In any case, make sure that the meters are more than enough.

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8. Let's talk about the extras

Last but not least: the economy! In addition to being the best value for money, ask well how the theme of lighting and adaptation of your decoration ideas for the wedding works, that of the assembly services, the open bar, the parking, the cancellation insurance, and security… Read the fine print of the contract and leave all possible "additional" items closed.

So now you know: to dance together with the most romantic wedding songs on the ideal floor for it. Surely when launching the bridal bouquet, everyone will want to take it to celebrate their wedding in an idyllic place like yours!

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