How to choose the color palette to decorate an event? 🤔

boy choosing color palette for theme party

Without a doubt, it is easy to recognize when the color palette of a banquet hall for events really impacts us, whether at a wedding, some XV years, a baptism, a business event, etc. But ... Where does the success of this lie?

There are several factors, but without a doubt, good planning is the basis to have the perfect event and an ideal decoration for your banquet hall, that is why we share below some of the secrets so that your next event has the color palette ideal and be the best host.


how to choose color palette for banquet hall

There are a large number of colors and materials that can work for your event, the main thing is to recognize the colors of the place, be it a garden or a banquet hall.

Once you know that you have colors, you should not only use colors and materials that combine but, dare to use colors that help you project the atmosphere of the event

Continue reading 4 ideas to organize an original event.

Warm, cool, or neutral tones

A smart and fast way is to choose a tone that reflects what you want to convey.

Warm tones:

warm colors for party

These tones help us convey things like joy and movement, for example, colors like yellow or orange, ideal for a more festive atmosphere.

Cool tones:

cool colors for party

These will help you convey serenity and sentimentality, giving a more formal atmosphere to your event, an example of these colors are blue and purple.

Neutral tones:

neutral colors for party

In neutral tones, all those gray tones can be considered, such as beige, gray, brown, white, and black. These help to maintain different sensations of freshness, spaciousness, and elegance.


After you choose a shade, choose one as the primary and one or two complementary colors to make them stand out. Often times table linen can be combined, but it is better to use two or three colors between the table linen and the chairs of the banquet hall of your choice. Remember that when you have more than 3 colors you risk creating a color conflict.

If you prefer neutral colors, they can be paired with warm or cool colors for incredible contrast.

And now that you know how you can choose the best color palette for your event, we recommend that you visit our banquet hall in Kendall, Miami. Ideal for all kinds of thematic events and parties. Learn more by clicking here 👈

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