How to choose the ideal show for your party? 🕺

light show at birthday party in miami

According to the type of party, the space that the event venue offers you, and the climate you want to give it, you can choose a singer, cumbia bands, comparsas, and many other options; As well as your choice will depend on whether you want the guests to participate in the show or just be spectators. To help you choose the show for your party we leave you different options.

Bands and singers:

band at party in banquet hall miami

If you, your friends and your family are going to many concerts, or you love music and you know that your guests can enjoy this type of show, do not hesitate to hire a band to perform at your party.


girl in carnival costume and led robot

For outgoing guests who dare to dance and jump to the sound of the Brazilian troupe. You keep in mind that, in general, they contemplate a special outfit for the quinceañera, so they will probably include you in their show.

Digital entertainment:

person participating in banquet hall event in miami

If you want your friends, family, and guests to be encouraged to participate in the entertainment, but you know that they are more introverted, a good solution is a digital entertainment. In this way, through digital games or participation through social media accounts, they can be an active part of the animation of your party.

Light shows:

led robot show at sweet 16 party

Visual and musical shows with LED light shows. In this type of show, there is no real participation on the part of the spectators, however, they will be impressed and you will have guaranteed entertainment.

Choreographic shows:

girl practicing choreography

If you like to dance and you don't mind being the center of attention, you can be part of clever choreographies to amaze your guests.

Participatory shows:

people participating in event at birthday party

Another type of entertainment for outgoing guests who like to move and be part of fun choreography and stories.

To choose the show for your party, you should do a little research on the animators' work. You can visit the show photo gallery to find photos and search for videos of their work. Through this, you can evaluate the costumes they wear, the way they act, how they relate to the audience, what the show is about, and so on.

If you are having a themed party, try to take the theme of the party into account when booking a show. For example, for a carnival theme, you can hire some kind of participatory show that specializes in it. For an LED or fluorescent party, it will be better to opt for a light show or LED robots.

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