How to decorate a party in 6 steps 🎈

Updated: Mar 4

Know everything you need to know to make your party a success.

We always want to have the best party, to have our guests enjoy, and make a moment that lasts a lifetime in our memories. Events can be tricky to plan out but here are some key steps you should take to make your event easier and beautiful.

1.- Visit the venue, analyze the space you have and the features offered.

Banquet hall with white decoration

Space and size are key! Your decoration has to adapt to the size of the room, leaving enough space for your guests to enjoy the event. Many times venues can provide you with a diagram of your event space and sizing guidelines for key areas such as the stage, food area, tables areas, and dance floors.

It is important to have the layout of your event space planned out to arrange the decorations and event necessities on the day of the party.

2.- Choose your theme to transform your venue!

Snowflakes made of ice

Choosing a theme allows you to create a cohesive vision for all aspects of your event. With your theme, you can change your food arrangements, balloons, lighting, decorations, and party favors to match it. Always try to create a central point of your decorations to be the main attraction of the party. You can choose the stage or an area for photos to be your main focus.

3.- Now to the colors! You can start selecting a color palette for the event.

Woman with paint all over her face

Since you have chosen a theme you can start working on the colors you want to use to match your theme.

Once you have a color palette chosen you can harmonize all colors allowing for you to have a visually attractive event. Colors are key, usually, they are what create the WOW factor for an event. You can even lookup colors that harmonize with each other to create a standardized pattern for your event. You will use this family of colors for decorations, the cake, food, lighting, and more.

4.- Make a visual layout and plan of your event.

Cupcakes with white cream

Mention all of these key elements:

  • The colors of the balloons

  • The pastries

  • The party favors

  • Any other element that is part of the composition

5.- Select your event vendors.


For items you need to be printed, make sure the printing company knows the colors you have selected, the theme, and your design plans. You can work directly with them to ensure your invitations, posters, and other decorations they will make follow a cohesive look.

Start looking around for other important vendors such as photography, videography, catering, photo booth, music, entertainment, and more.

6.- As a team, you can make an amazing event!

Hands in the dark

As you can see, an event has many details and takes a lot of work before and during, as well as afterward. The disassembly, transfer, and cleaning are other key points of the event.

If you have little time, you are not used to special parties and you want a really beautiful and remarkable event, do not hesitate to put your event in the hands of professionals, specialized in making ideal parties.

I hope I have clarified your doubts about how to decorate a party in 6 steps.

If you want to celebrate a party, contact us! We are professionals in offering the best to our clients.

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