How to make a Special Dinner at home 🍴

Updated: Mar 4

Don't miss out on the pleasure of organizing a special moment: we give you ideas and put on your apron. It is very simple and cheap to create a romantic atmosphere that does not envy the best restaurant.

Make a plan 📝

So that everything turns out as you think, we recommend that you first prepare a good plan, in it, you must include all the elements you will need, such as the menu, the scented candles, the flowers, or just good music, tablecloth and wine glasses.

Think that you will have to buy and the quantities, so you will have everything when you start preparing everything

Candles and flowers 💐

At the table, you can not miss the candles, red or white, placed between both diners, and if they are flavored with cinnamon much better, you will spend an excellent night.

The candlelight is never forgotten, it is a very romantic touch.

The menu 🍲

Previously set the menu that you will serve that night. Do it according to your tastes and those of your companions, your budget, and of course, your cooking skills. You should try to do something quick and comfortable, the idea is that you also enjoy and don't get tired of cooking.

Setting for romantic dinner ❤

First of all, you must decide if you will make a surprise romantic dinner or not. If this is not the case, a nice gesture is to make the invitation with a handwritten letter. You don't need to be a great writer, just have nice detail.

Make an invitation to each person who is in your house, including the children, it will be extremely fun and not common, tell them to dress for the occasion and why not even dress up to make an even more joyful dinner.

Music 🎵

You must take into account this detail, which is one of the most important. Select soft ballads or create a selection of songs that all the members who will be at that special dinner like, if you do not know some tastes, just put instrumental music it is only to eat with tranquility and harmony.

Everyone will love this surprise, because almost special moments no longer occur, for different cases, work, school, in short, take advantage of these family days to join and enjoy more of them.

And everything is ready!

Dinner should be prepared for when everyone is ready, down to the smallest detail, so that during the meal you can focus on enjoying yourself and not be aware of serving or preparing things.

If you give yourself a little trickery, try that the dishes are decorated, or at least served beautifully.

There may be a starter, which can be shared, main dishes, and logically a dessert. Remember you on drinks: water, a soft drink, and according to preferences, wine, champagne, beer or a cocktail should not be missing.


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