👵 How to make and celebrate your Golden Wedding 👴

Updated: Mar 4

¿You want to surprise your parents or your grandparents? 🎉

Celebrating a golden wedding that you will never forget, I invite you to follow us and find the best tips to make your loved ones feel very happy.

Photos of the couple 💘

Try to find all the photos you can of the couple, since you will need them and much!

You can hang the images as a kind of garland throughout the room, or hang them with golden balloons with helium.

Be sure to give them a chronological order to make it more attractive.

It does not matter if you have to repeat photos, if you feel you do not have enough of the couple, placing some of the children when they were young also helps, the idea is to relive the most beautiful moments in these 50 years.

If your budget allows, send a real-sized banner of the bride and groom. It will be a nice surprise for them. You can also place the photos as centerpieces with a little lighting to give them more eye-catching.

Guest List: 50 years of family and friends 🤞

The first thing you have to do is the list of guests who will attend the event. This will determine the rest of the party, as it will give you an idea of ​​the amount of food, chairs, tables, and drinks you will need.

Remember that in fifty years you get to know a lot of people, and you will not want the most special people in the life of your parents/grandparents to miss this celebration, so, unless it is a surprise party, I recommend that you ask them who are those that you should invite yes or yes.

After making the first list, move on to the closest family and friends, finally leaving those who do not live in your same city (not because they are not important, but because they are less likely to attend).

Remember that in this case, the important thing is that the closest people go and that they know the entertained well.

Where to celebrate Golden Weddings? 😍

Golden weddings can be done anywhere, everything will depend on the approach you want to take, that is if you want something very formal or more intimate.

This depends on how the bride and groom are, help them to focus on what they want so that they are unpredicted themselves of the creation they made.

Outdoor celebration 🎊

If you have a large garden, take advantage of it to give a rustic approach to the party.

Green nature in combination with flowers and a vintage style will give a very romantic result.

You can use furniture of yesteryear to decorate, as well as strips of lights and many ornaments in wood, such as tree trunks.

If you will offer dinner, get a couple of long inns that will look great outdoors.

Make sure the decoration is centered on flowers and lace tablecloths or pastel-colored fabrics.

Books, blackboards, glass containers, and candles are items that cannot be missed. Do not forget to add the golden color all over the place.

The barrels will also look great and you can use them as table bases, placing a large wooden board on them. Doing this will give the party a vineyard look.

Another good option is the bales of hay to use as tables for posters and flowers.

A dream cake 🎂

The cakes for the Golden Weddings are generally very similar (if not equal) to those of a first wedding.

The difference is in the colors, since almost mandatory they must be white and gold. To decorate it, a large number of 50 is placed on one of its sides to honor the reason for the celebration.

You can also add a figurine of the bride and groom on the top of the cake.

Decoration for the banquet hall 💥

Life allows few couples moments like this, so spending the wedding of gold in white is almost a sin.

They are 50 years of marriage, an incredible half a century of love! How not to celebrate it! Generally, it is a celebration organized by the children, the celebration of the Golden Wedding must be prepared in a way that this day becomes unforgettable, with the presence of children, grandchildren, family, and friends.

We recommend decorating with gold that color is great and for the occasion it is perfect.

🎼 Vintage music 🎵

Almost nothing brings such beautiful memories as listening to the music you like.

Choosing to make a musical repertoire with the artists that sounded the most during the bride and groom's time is a great and beautiful idea.

They will feel that they returned in time to dance the songs that made them fall in love more than half a century ago.

Be sure to ask them about their favorite songs so that none of them ignores you, especially if they have one that is the favorite of the two as a couple.

Nice details and surprises on the evening 🎁

The details make the difference, in any event, especially one that is dedicated to two people who have lived so many things.

Here are some ideas for you to fill the atmosphere with memories and nostalgia.


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