How to make your Halloween party, easy and above all made by you? 🎃

Updated: Mar 4

Decorating tips for a terribly funny Halloween party 👻

If you want to celebrate the most terrifying night of the year, we have some tips to make the night perfect. Decorating Ideas for a Halloween party in an event venue or your house, ideas such as ghost bombs, themes and much more come together on this special day.

With your creativity and a short time, you can make the best party of all.

To make your house look terrifying great, you can get inspired by these homemade ideas:

1) Cobweb with a black trash bag, is that easy? Yes! Easier impossible, and on the sides, you can leave messages with artificial blood, which is also super easy and fun to do, you will only need olive oil and red and black cake coloring (of the black color, only a few drops) you link everything and you're ready.

Your blood prepared for this night of scares and fun.

2) Fill the walls of the bathroom with blood

3) Shape hand soaps like ears, eye, nose, etc.

4) Place tombstones with the names of the friends you have invited (it would be like a photo shoot) Find the most appropriate place.

5) And you can not miss the pumpkins, they are easy to cut and depends on the way you give your face, it terrifies more...

Think about the type of Halloween party you would like to have 💀

There are many themes around which you can build your party, so start thinking about them from now on. Among the topics, you can choose from are the following:

~ Haunted house

~ Ghosts

~ Horror

~ Fairy tales

~ Pumpkins (All orange)

~ Tombs

~ Costumes

Think about the people you would like to invite 👀 

This will give you an idea of how many they are, where they are going to sit, and how much food/drinks you will need to serve your guests.

If your party follows a special theme, for example, movies, you may want to limit the options, so as not to end up with 12 Freddy Kruegers at your party.

If the party is at home, limit the number of guests to a manageable number of people. After all, you are the host, so both the success and the failure of the party are on your shoulders.

Make invitations ✍

Use the theme you have chosen to serve as a guide when creating the invitations. Include in them the date, time, and any details related to the party such as: what to wear or what to bring, and so on. Try to send the invitations two weeks before the party. Here are some ideas:

~ Get black construction paper, download an Internet template, and draw and cut witch hats. To write the invitation information, use white or silver gel pens.

~ If the witch hats are not to your liking, choose other designs: pumpkins, ghosts, graves, black cats, and so on. If you put the invitations in an envelope, add some confetti as a personal touch.

~ Buy small pumpkins at the supermarket. With a permanent marker, draw them funny faces on the front, putting the details of the invitation on the back. Make sure to let it dry, otherwise, you will have worked in vain.

Write down your ideas 📓

Before going to any store, make a list in which you specify:

~ The type of decoration you would like to have

~ The type of food.

~ Music

~ Games and prizes (optional)

~ Movies (optional)

~ Any other ideas.

Prepare a musical mix for the party 🎶

Do it in advance and place the music in a place where it is easy for everyone to listen to it. It doesn't have to be just music, you can also include some frightening effects!

Buy or make the decoration for your party yourself 🎈

If you plan to have a big party, you may want to try a little harder to decorate your party as well as possible; It all depends on how many hands you have at your disposal to help you! Make the decorations well in advance so you don't run into any trouble.

For a haunted house:

If you already have a path delimited with lights, replace them with lamps in the form of skulls and skulls. Place sculptures that glow in the dark near the windows, and make sure you get the most out of technology. Many decorations nowadays have sensors that make them activate when they detect movement, rest assured that this will scare visitors from your haunted house.

To decorate the interior, you can use cobwebs that go from the corners of the room to the ceiling, or use a fog machine on the doors.

Hang spiders or bats in not-so-obvious places, and if the room lights are very dim or weak, invest a little more and get a few bottles of that spray that shines in the dark.


~ If you invite your friends and children to the party, get a place where children can sleep, this will allow adults to enjoy the party a little more before going home.

~ Consider having prizes for the best costume, the best scare, the best growl, the best candy swag, and so on. The younger or younger your guests are, the more prizes you should have.

So, invite your friends, dress up, dance, and enjoy this Halloween like never before... 👻


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