How to make your wedding during COVID-19? 👰‍♀️

Updated: Mar 4

Getting married in the middle of a pandemic may sound a bit unlikely, but what would you think if I told you that it is possible to live the best day of your life, your wedding, even in these difficult times. If you really want to say "I do", this article is for you.

Your wedding in times of COVID - 19 👰‍♀️

Have you ever heard of the word "Elopement"? An Elopement is an English term used for so-called "elopement weddings", a wedding without consent, a wedding in secret. It happened that sometimes couples, whether due to parental prohibition or some other problem, could not marry the person they loved unless they were arranged weddings and that is why they ran away to marry in secret and never return. And with this idea in mind, I ask you, why not escape from this whole situation and have the best day of your life!

ELOPEMENT: The perfect escape for the perfect day

Perhaps at some point, you have come across beautiful wedding photoshoots with a more intimate proposal. Well, that's what we want! Enjoy a ceremony already, during this year, on the date you choose, the important thing will not be when if not where...

Opting for an Elopement wedding has its advantages, such as the fact that it is much cheaper than a traditional wedding, it will not be necessary to rent a large space. Imagine a photo session with your partner among so much beauty of flowers and colors. On the other hand, it will be something really magical, something between you, without having to plan, without stress.

Now, how to plan your Elopement Wedding? 🤔

The wonderful thing about Elopement weddings is that they hardly need organization. You will only have to make the following 5 decisions:

1. Choose the date: The best thing for your wedding will be to choose a date that is meaningful to both of you, or that is a day when both of you can escape from work and spend your anniversary together.

2. The Dress: And without a doubt, the most important thing will be your dress, an important and long decision that you should have as a priority.

3. Choose the Photographer: One of the most important things on this special day is to immortalize it, so looking for a good photographer would be essential.

4. The Decoration: decorating your wedding will be one of the most complicated but funniest tasks on the list, define the trend you would like in the wedding decoration, as well as a color palette.

5. Choose the place: The next thing would be to choose the place, the ideal would be to choose an intimate place. Maybe in your own province or some “Destination Elopement”. Or maybe find a venue for events that offer their wedding hall, if you live in Miami FL one of your best options to celebrate that special day is undoubtedly RevolutionPartyStudio, a venue for events adaptable to all types of themes and decorations.

A Symbolic or Legal Elopement?

If you can't wait for that special day to arrive but would like to celebrate it in a big way, you can consider opting for a totally symbolic ceremony, in which there is only the celebration. Otherwise, if you want to make your wedding official in the Elopement, then you can invite a notary to be present during the Elopement and when it is finished they can do the legal part.

And you? You are encouraged to celebrate your wedding in time of COVID-19 if you are looking for a place to celebrate your wedding... Visit us and make the wedding of your dreams come true.

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