How to organize your party of 15? 🥳

If you are thinking of organizing a party of 15, you must take into account how long before you have to hire each service, for that reason and in order to plan you must consult with a Party Organizer, who is who will indicate you and help with the organization and coordination of the event at the time of the party.

The first thing you have to define is the place where you want to celebrate, that is, you have to choose the event venue where you are going to hold your party. For this, we recommend that you start by defining what type of celebration you would like to offer your guests. That will depend on whether you are going to need a fifth, or a room that, due to its style, accompanies you with the theme chosen for the party.

Another thing to define is the type of event, if it is formal and traditional or if you prefer something thematic. The setting and decoration of the venue must match the style. For example, for a party with the theme of princesses, we recommend a stylish room such as a Castle.

For a more traditional party; On the other hand, if the party is outdoors, you can choose a formal event venue with green spaces

For this, we recommend you start by defining if you want an outdoor party, during the day, or in a closed room. It is important to have an estimated guest list to rule out sites with less capacity than you are looking for and to be able to put together a budget according to the type of Catering chosen.

Ask in the venue if the atmosphere is included or ask for an external event freshener to achieve the perfect space at your party.

If you want to have a themed party, it is important to decide before starting to put it together, so you can choose the colors and decoration for the venue, as well as the type of invitation card. Planning your birthday can be done on your own or hire an Event Organizer that has several benefits:

Advice: the event organizer will present you with various proposals so that you can make your party according to your budget and in this way hire the providers that have the best proposal.

Free time: the help of a Party Organizer will save you a lot of time that you can use to choose the dress and many other details of the party.

Experience: all the knowledge and experience with the suppliers and with recommendations to make your party unforgettable is very beneficial. You can also ask him for recommendations on the decoration of the venue and the other details of the party.

The choice of dress

Look at photos of dresses before the appointment with the designer, so you can add ideas and imagine how you would like the dress to be. It is also important that you visit designer stores because many of them have collection dresses and you may be able to find the dream dress already made.

To complete the style I chose shoes that correctly complement the dress, and if you have doubts about this you can ask the designer. We also recommend choosing a makeup artist or stylist who can complement the look in the best way according to your face, see if they can do makeup tests before the party to see what you like best.

Shows and Entertainment

There is a great variety of shows and animations to entertain your guests, choreography, lighting, participative, shows where you are the protagonist and much more to choose from. Another option is a photo booth, so your friends and family can take funny photos to make them a souvenir.

More Services You Can Hire For Your Party

Photography and Video: it is important that you choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and of whom you have seen some photographs to know what is your style.

Invitation Cards: they are the first impression and a preview of what the party is going to be. You can use colors similar to those that your dress will have, or give it a special theme.

DJ, Lights, and Sound: he is the one who is going to animate the party, so it is better to hire someone whose style you like and with whom you can have previous interviews to agree on the dance sessions, the entrance to the party, and the waltz.

Party souvenirs: you can choose the traditional ones, such as packaging, or some original souvenirs such as personalized t-shirts for the carioca carnival that serves as a souvenir of the party.

The Cotillion: Carioca carnival is where guests take the opportunity to dress up, for this you can choose a luminous, fluo party or the classics such as trumpets, whistles, headbands, and more so that your friends and family can have fun at the closing of the party.

All that remains is to have fun at a party that will surely be unforgettable!

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