How to organize your Wedding? The 10 most important points

Updated: Mar 4

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You just got engaged and have no idea how to get started with your wedding preparations? Do not worry! Not knowing what to do is normal, no one was born knowing how to plan a wedding.

How to Organize a Wedding? 💒

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To organize a wedding you and your boyfriend must do great teamwork, investing many hours in advance in planning so that the wedding day turns out perfect.

Keeping a good organization in each of the issues is the secret for your wedding to be a success. Broadly speaking, I will tell you the most important points about how to organize a wedding. From here other finer and more detailed points emerge, but this is an outline of the most important

These are the main ones to organize a wedding:

  1. Set a budget.

  2. Define the wedding date and the approximate number of guests.

  3. Set aside the location of the ceremony and banquet, taking into account the style you would like for the wedding.

  4. Prepare the necessary documentation for the procedures.

  5. Debug your guest list.

  6. Find your wedding dress and other accessories for your wedding look and what is necessary for the groom's look.

  7. Choose the godparents and communicate your request.

  8. Select the ideal providers for your wedding.

  9. Define decoration details and color palette.

  10. Plan the logistics of the event, the wedding program.

When is the best time to start planning the Wedding?

As soon as possible, to have good planning:

  • You will avoid rushing due to unforeseen events on your wedding day

  • You will make your resources perform at their best

  • You will prevent them from being over budget

  • You will give them greater security

The earlier you start, the more opportunities you will have to set aside with the best providers. For example, if you want your wedding in a certain place, you run the risk of someone else separating it for the same day you want your wedding to be.

What does it take to organize a Wedding?

Taking into account the previous 10 points, you need to make the most appropriate decisions in each of them and thus have your dream wedding. To achieve this, lean on some of the many tools that are now available, with them it will be easier to keep track of your ideas, proposals, expenses, etc., and you will have a guide to follow up on everything you have to do: checklists, to-do lists, appointments, guest list ...

Always keep in mind that taking care of every detail is important, from choosing the date and wedding venue to the taste of the cake because they will resonate with the way your event looks.

10 Key Points to Plan the Wedding

Before starting to plan the wedding, the couple must have a long talk about the expectations that each one has about the wedding.

Each one should express their ideas and their way of thinking regarding important points such as whether they want a large wedding or an intimate wedding, whether they want to get married in a garden or the season in which they would like to do it.

This will give them the guidelines they need to organize a wedding to their liking, so the more points they talk about and the more time they dedicate to this point, the more coordinated they will be.

1.- Set a Budget:

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The bride and groom should set limits on the money they can spend for the entire event, and it is advisable to keep track of this from the beginning. All your wedding planning will depend on what you decide at this point.

They should talk about what they can really spend in total. How much each one can contribute, how much the family and from this estimate make a section for unforeseen expenses.

Always keep your numbers real. Do not consider the money that "will probably come" or that "maybe they will lend you" or that "later on they will give you". Count only on money that is already safe.

2.- Define the date and the approximate number of guests:

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It is essential to choose a date from the beginning and have an approximate number of guests, even if it changes during planning.

It is important to have these data, to know if the venue has the date available and if they have the capacity to attend all your guests.

3.- Set aside the wedding venue and the banquet hall

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During the organization of the wedding, the church, the wedding venue, and the judge should be set aside as soon as possible in case the civil ceremony takes place on the same day (It is the first thing they must do!).

The most requested dates, such as bank holidays, are set aside up to a year in advance, as well as the fashionable venues.

4.- Start the procedures with time:

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Look at the times that each document asks for both civil and church marriage. The procedures of the church to be able to carry out the marriage, begin between 6 and 3 months before the wedding. The couple must be very well informed about the requirements and the delivery dates of the documents. In this link, you can find a lot of information about the preparations for the church wedding.

The legal procedures for the civil wedding are done a few days before the wedding, but it is best to be informed in advance to gather the necessary documentation in time. For the civil wedding and the church wedding, they must attend pre-marriage courses. So if you start your paperwork with a lot of time ahead, you will have more options of dates to attend.

When it comes to paperwork, there are no extensions. There are no pretexts. They must deliver the papers on time or they don't get married, that's how drastic the matter is. Do not stop giving it the importance it has.

5.- Debug the guest list:

Wedding list

The guest list will change throughout the organization of the Wedding, guests are added and removed from this list before sending the wedding invitations. Make a guest list of friends and family, and keep track of the exact number of people who could attend.

This approximate number is important to have from the beginning to make quotes with suppliers based on the estimated number of guests.

6.- Find the trousseau of the bride and groom

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Some wedding dress stores need between 3 and 6 months to have your dress, so it is ideal to start your search at least 6 months before the wedding, so you will have more opportunities to choose what you really like and not just what is available because of the pressure of time.

7.- Choose groomsmen, bridesmaids, and pages with time:

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The people you choose as godparents, you should invite them well in advance so that they can check if they will be able to attend, and if not, you have time to invite someone else.

It is also important to be notified promptly so that they consider purchasing more formal attire if they are to participate in the marriage ritual.

8.-Decide on the theme, decoration, and colors of the Wedding:

Black table

Another important detail in wedding planning is to define the trend that you would like in the wedding decoration, as well as a color palette. Maybe they want everything in a romantic rustic style with candle lighting, or everything very modern with the latest technology on the dance floor and LED lighting up the whole party.

Also, it is important to have this point defined for the quotes that will be requested.

9.- Select suppliers:

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This point is of utmost importance in how to organize a wedding. Choosing the right providers will make your event go the way you want.

They will have to choose providers that share the same vision as you, that fits your budget, and that you like the work they have done before.

Before hiring any service, they must be convinced of the work they do. If it is a caterer, they must first taste the food and be satisfied with the presentation, quality, and taste; If it is about music, it is preferable that someone has already recommended them and that they are sure that they make a good atmosphere; If you are a photographer, check that your work has the quality you want.

It is convenient for you the bride and groom to make sure that the suppliers have perfectly understood your ideas, to avoid misunderstandings and last-minute surprises in the price. It is also essential to sign contracts with each of them and ensure that they are recognized suppliers.

10.- Plan the logistics of the event:

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Finally, organize how the whole wedding day will happen, that is, make the wedding program. Determine the times of each activity: what you want to happen first, what next, and what last. Set the time for dinner, what time the dance starts, what time the family photos show, what time the video of the bride and groom show, what time you want the fireworks.

Imagine all the development of the wedding and plan the times, because you only have 5 to 7 hours for everything to happen.

To plan this, I recommend that you consult with experts. For example, concerning mealtime, the caterers will give you better information about the time it will take to serve and how long it will take for the guests to eat; the photographer can suggest the best time for photos with the sunset or with the guests.

And whether they have a wedding coordinator or not, there are tasks that they must delegate because they will not have the head to think about them on the wedding day.

If you are looking for a modern place in which to celebrate the wedding of your dreams, contact us and reserve! 👈

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