How to plan a Quinceanera Party during Covid-19? 🤔

quinceanera party during the covid

Times are tough for everyone, but instead of dreading every second, let's take advantage of this time to look on the bright side of things. Planning a quinceanera party during covid-19 is definitely a challenge, but it's worth a shot to stay ahead of the curve and stay productive!

We're all in this together, which is why I've decided to go against all odds and make this planning and celebration process possible! Remember, ANYTHING is possible.

Many have had to postpone their celebration or momentarily cancel the event, there is something for all of you soon to be Quinceaneras.

1. Postpone the event

how to plan a quinceanera birthday party

If you haven't already done so, consider postponing your celebration instead of canceling it. Arrange a new date with your parents that also works for the banquet hall they choose. But if your birthday is coming up soon, follow these steps!

2. Enjoy virtually

where to plan a Quinceanera party

If there's one thing we've learned from this #stayathome initiative, it's that we should go with the flow and always be grateful for what we have. We've seen many weddings and graduation parties converted to a virtual version, and while it's not the same as celebrating in a Banquet hall, it can definitely be a great way to celebrate while still feeling special.

3. From a distance

Another way to celebrate your birthday is by creating a parade where all your loved ones can join in! Set a date and have your family celebrate from a healthy distance from their cars, and treat them to appetizers as they pass by and enjoy your day to the fullest!

4. Virtual Appointments

Although not all banquet hall companies are open, some offer virtual experiences. Still can't decide what style of costumes you want for your chambelanes or want to choose the venue? Call and ask if virtual meetings or tours are an option; set one up and plan from the comfort of your home!

If you want to celebrate your Quinceanera Party with security and peace of mind, meet Revolution Party Studio, the best banquet hall in Miami where you can enjoy with all the precautions! Learn more about our services by clicking here

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