Ideas for Personalizing your Wedding 💍

Updated: Mar 4

Bride and groom holding hands in a heart shape

The idea that the wedding is very intimate and personal is one of the main wedding trends today, and it's about the wedding theme fully representing the personality of the bride and groom.

Be inspired by your tastes and give yourself and your guests a unique wedding, in one that includes ideas and elements that have a meaning for you.

Now that there are so many options to choose from everything that is part of the wedding, you can make your wedding very particular, choosing what projects who are you and your special one, and it is even worth customizing the small and large details with your names, your initials, a symbol or a phrase that you consider special.

Here are some ideas that you can integrate to personalize your wedding.

Custom Design

Hearts made of wood hanging from the ceiling

Different elements can be customized and that together with the location and decoration create a very harmonious and unique atmosphere for the wedding. All the elements that are used must follow the same style so that in their combination each one looks to the fullest.

With a sign at the front desk entrance, you can warmly welcome guests of the wedding, it will also be a lovely decorative detail. Choose one of wood, handwritten, decorated with natural 􀃖ores, and leaves fresh only on top.

Bride and Groom chair

Custom bride chair

Another detail that you can integrate into the wedding decoration is the chairs of the bride and groom, especially highlighting them with personalized signs with the Last name of the couple, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Mr. and Mrs., Husband and Wife, etc.

Personalized drinks

Red wine glass

Signature Drinks: From cocktail hour, offer your guests drinks favorites of the bride and groom or personalized drinks especially for the big occasion.

Wedding cake 🍰💐💐

Silver wedding cake decoration

Embellish your cake with painted decoration, with 􀃖ores, or with a very original cake topper.

Letters with flowers 💐

Letter with flowers

Use the initials of the bride and groom as part of the decoration. Make them look very original by decorating them with flowers, leaves, or plants, always taking care that they combine with the theme of the event.


Monogram in a metal door

Make a monogram or emblem with the names of the bride and groom or their initials, which follow the idea of the design of the invitations and match the style of the wedding.

Custom stamps

Custom stamp with a top secret red logo

A stamp with the monogram of the bride and groom. You can stamp labels personalized for the wedding, for the souvenirs, you can seal the envelopes of the invitations, paper bags for the Candybar, and everything you can think of.

Wax seals

Red wax seal in a letter

You can also use the monogram to make a wax seal that you can use to close the invitation envelopes elegantly. A very creative and classic idea.

Alliances holder

Alliances holder over some pink flowers

That the holder of alliances or ring holder that they use in the ceremony is very original. Don't

ignore this detail and look for an option that is following the other wedding ideas.

Signature book 📖

Signature book in a wedding

Let your guests leave their congratulations and messages in a beautiful book of Signature, or if you prefer a different idea, a wish tree can be a cool alternative.

For a couple getting married in Spain, check out FiestasMix because they have a whole section specialized in weddings, you can find many items to decorate the wedding and a variety of details to personalize it.

Glass for the toast

People toasting

For the toast, the bride and groom can use special glasses. They may be engraved with initials, wedding date, and even each cup can have a design personalized for the bride and another for the groom.

Custom invitations ✉️

Custom made letter over a keyboard

The invitations are the first impression of the wedding, in it the personality of the bride and groom and the style that the wedding will have. Of course, Each wedding invitations are unique, but can still be more personalized if you include an illustration of the bride and groom.

Wedding souvenirs

Wedding souvenir

Another idea to include personalized details at the wedding are the souvenirs. Yes, give gifts to your guests, choose something special to you and give it a personal touch, for example, soaps with your favorite scent, little bags with your favorite coffee, or a cd with their songs.

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