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Updated: Mar 4

Everything you need to know about intimate weddings or "Microweddings", save up to thousands of dollars with this new trend!

Do you think that yours are small, simple and elegant weddings? This year you are in luck! Intimate weddings are a pure trend!

These low-key weddings consist of a simplified version of traditional weddings, which have around 20 to 70 guests, in which everyone is enveloped in a relaxed and especially magical atmosphere. If you think that it does not go with you ... Wait! We tell you the tricks of this fashion so as not to spend a fortune on your wedding day! Now if you like micro weddings?

And it is no wonder, planning a wedding requires a lot of time and energy. Nowadays it is very difficult for us to find a couple of hours in our lives to organize a wedding as it deserves, what's more, just thinking about the idea surely you feel additional stress. For this reason and many more, today we bring you this latest trend: Micro Wedding or intimate weddings.

The trend towards minimalism and simplicity in the world of design, whether in fashion or architecture, has also reached the universe of wedding styles. Surely, not everyone agrees or is delighted with your choice to marry discreetly through an intimate bond.

And there will be hurt feelings from someone close to you since it goes against the expectations of society and, of course, more traditional family and friends.

Be careful, it is not a secret wedding or an unimportant meeting, it is simply decided to share that day with the family and closest friends. And, when you publish the photographs on a social network, the rest of your friends and acquaintances will understand why they were not invited to see the very private wedding ceremony.

Advantages of having a Micro Wedding

Without a doubt, when it comes to wedding celebrations, size matters. If you want to know the advantages of an endearing wedding or if on the contrary, they do not convince you ... take a seat! Then you will understand why micro weddings are so in trend:

You will save money: up to thousands of euros can stay in your pocket thanks to celebrating a more intimate wedding. That you are not going to exceed the budget is a fact! This is the star advantage that makes many grooms opt for this version of weddings

Goodbye to stress: you will feel at home with your closest relatives and a couple of best friends, instead of surrounding yourself with people who are going to be a courtesy or commitment. Long live the relaxed couple!

Enjoy with your guests to the fullest: in small weddings, the union between the bride and groom and the attending guests is extremely intimate and precious; We are facing the type of wedding in which the emotions overflow the most and in which you will feel in a constant "skin deep".

Also, you can unravel and dance with a free soul. You are before your family and they love you just as you are, crazy things included.

Flexibility: never before has flexibility been so appreciated, in the face of the release of when for such an important date, a gigantic fan opens for the place of the wedding celebration and for how you want to develop it.

Quality over quantity: having fewer guests will give you endless possibilities. Hire an artist or musical band that you like, enjoy, together with your closest friends, a gourmet meal, buy the dress or suit of the designer that you like the most ... You can allow yourself to customize your wedding as much as you want. Some couples prefer to take advantage of this money-saving to celebrate a really luxurious wedding, you decide!

The photographer: he will be delighted with your wedding. In small celebrations the camera can better focus on getting excellent impromptu photos, capturing the magical naturalness of your guests' smiles and emotions.

How to have a discreet wedding: 16 tips to organize your Micro wedding

First of all, you must sit down to talk about the subject, that is, you both have to be clear about your wedding expectations, and what you understand by an intimate wedding.

Cut your wedding guest list in half, think without haste and forget about commitments. Think at all times that this reduction will mean a cost-saving that will allow you to delight yourself with the whims you want: from a Michelin Star banquet or a luxurious setting to celebrate your union to an epic honeymoon, it remains in your hands!

We talk all the time about the savings that these weddings entail, but surely, you don't want your wedding to look cheap either. Weddings are a great industry and that is why it is important to know. We show you how to feel comfortable with the organization of your intimate wedding without having to take a breath before looking at the numbers:

1. Create a small guest list.

2. Choose between homemade dishes, buffet, or Michelin pairing. In this line, know that local products are cheaper and of better quality, also, if they are in season we won't even tell you. Yum, yum!

3. Consider choosing dates in the low season. We consider the low season to get married from October to March, approximately, although depending on the city in which you get married, it may vary a bit. A few weeks ago we made a post about "why get married in winter", don't miss it! They are all advantages! And it will finish convincing you if you have doubts.

4. Avoid using the word "wedding" when talking to vendors, unless necessary. This point seems silly, but it is super important since the word wedding comes with an extra plus in expenses by itself. You can take advantage of the fact that there are few guests and that it will be a minimalist event to say it as little as possible.

5. Think of original and different places, bringing so few guests to open up a range of possibilities, so take the opportunity to dream at this point! Don't put on the brakes!

6. For the wedding dress and the groom's suit, we recommend you look at a local retailer or store with good prices. Did you know that you can also rent a dress or a tuxedo? There we leave the idea ... What are you going to do with the dress and suit after the wedding?

7. Do not cut yourselves ... Ask your loved ones for help, who knows! Maybe someone is delighted to even officiate your wedding.

8. It is a no-brainer, even so, we remind you again: celebrate the ceremony and the banquet in the same place. You will save on transportation, rentals, and decoration.

9. Leave the classic champagne aside and go for sparkling or white wine.

10. Your wedding invitation will be the first impression that your guests take of what the big day will be. Take time to choose the one that you like the most or the one that most identifies with you and with the event you have in mind.

11. Choose to have your favorite playlists on and let the DJ, if you want to have one, work only at certain times, for example, after the first drink.

12. Cocktails and spirits tend to be more expensive if you have a bar service. We are in confidence! Leave only the beers and wines for him and buy the rest of the alcoholic beverages yourself.

13. When you prepare your budget, take into account VAT and other taxes, transport costs, and the different rates, even point to tips! This way you will get as close as possible to reality.

14. Ask a hotel in advance for a discounted rate for reserving multiple blocks of rooms.

15. Observe, analyze, and review each element of the budget and see how you can cut each one of the most simple. Above all, think about what expenses are "really" necessary, and prioritize over what can be prioritized.

16. One of the main mistakes in small weddings is to think that because they are much simpler they do not require a serious organization, do not fall for it! The steps must be taken one by one following a previously defined and reflected plan, do not have a closed preconceived idea, and enjoy the way to the great day of your union.

And now that you know all these tips, you are ready to start planning your wedding!


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