Oriental Themed Quinceanera Birthday Party Ideas 🥢

Today we give you some ideas for throwing an Oriental-themed Quinceanera birthday celebration, one based on the customs of oriental nations such as China. Continue reading because this information is of interest to you.

To keep the décor for 15 years with an oriental theme simple, use light-colored table linens and furniture and decorate with components in strong hues such as red to emphasize your oriental-themed Quinceanera Birthday.

Great Entrance

Oriental lanterns in banquet hall

For a beautiful entrance for XV years with an oriental theme, use an arch of varying sizes, such as the one shown in the example, and adorn it with red Chinese paper decorations, an ideal way to greet the attendees of the Quinceanera Birthday.

Original Invitations

Someone writing quinceanera invitations

Some fifteen-year-party invitations with an oriental theme might be inspired by the characteristic doorways of the East with dragon motifs, a very creative approach to inviting your friends and family to the oriental-themed Quinceanera Birthday.

Oriental-Themed Table Linen

Oriental table decorations for quinceanera

The major colors for oriental-themed table linens for a Quinceanera Birthday might be a combination of black, white, gold, and/or red, as these are hues that are quite distinctive of these civilizations. It is a method of utilizing them to your advantage at the oriental-themed Quinceanera Birthday.

Dessert Table with an Oriental Theme

Oriental table decoration banquet hall

For your dessert table with an oriental theme for xv years, be inspired by the characteristic desserts of this eastern culture and decorate with the aforementioned colors, and your guests will not be able to lose sight of the oriental-themed Quinceanera Birthday.

Oriental Themed Cake

Oriental themed cake for quinceanera

As previously said, the oriental-themed quinceanera cake can utilize a mix of all or some of the colors, in this instance it stands out for red and yellow, creating extremely typical patterns of this culture for your oriental-themed Quinceanera Birthday.

Oriental-Themed Desserts

Asian desserts for birthday party

As you may have seen, some of the food sold in Chinese marketplaces is impaled; you may play with this element and produce oriental-themed sweets for fifteen years to amaze the attendees of the oriental-themed quinceanera.

Amazing Souvenirs

oriental souvenir for quinceanera

As Quinceanera Birthday party souvenirs with an oriental theme, you can use containers with a very characteristic style of this culture and include the personalized present inside, an amazing idea to follow the line of the Quinceanera Birthday with an oriental theme.

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