Plan the BEST 15th birthday party 🎉

Updated: Mar 4

Here are some options for you to implement in your party, you'll see that it will be the most FUN

Shows and Animation for your Party

A show for your guests, their goal is to attract attention and generate emotions. To surprising your guests with a thematic dance, you can participate and start in the show along with your friends, being part of ingenious choreographies to amaze your guests.

How to choose the shows?

It is easy, according to the type of party and the weather you want to give it. You can choose a singer, bands, karaoke, comparsas, and many other options; as well as your choice will depend if you want the guests to participate in the show or just be spectators so that only you are the one that shines is on this unique and wonderful night.

Comparsas 💃

A colorful show to lift the mood of your guests and invite them to the dance floor before handing them the cotillion so that those photos come out unique and very fun. When you leave these dancers. I assure you that nobody will stop dancing will be very fun. Keep in mind that they usually contemplate a special costume for the birthday girl, so they probably include you in their performance.

Light shows 🎇

Visual and musical shows for guest entertainment. In this type of show, there is no real participation by the spectators. It can be a led choreography, special torches, or led robots. It is a modern idea to liven up your party and amazing to leave everyone fascinated with its play of lights and its spectacular show.

Participatory Shows 🎤

There are different types of shows, they can be animations, with games that prepare you to be the protagonist of the show or put together choreographies with your friends so you can surprise your guests.

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Photo Booth:

We can not forget the instant photographs, along with the accessories and cotillion serve as a souvenir of your party, in addition to entertaining your family and friends between dance batches or at the reception.

One of the latest developments in photo cabinets is to take full-length photos, as a mirror would. The great thing is that they are instantaneous and you can give those best friends or family instant memories.

So if you like any of these options you just have to do more research to make your dream party and remember, If you have a theme party, try to consider the theme of it when booking a show. For example, for a circus theme, you can hire some type of participatory show that specializes in circuses, for an LED or fluorescent party, it will be better to opt for a light show.

Good luck and let the party begin!


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