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where celebrate Quinceañera party in Miami

First of all, this protocol is focused on Quinceanera parties held in Banquet halls, but it is also true that it can be applied to Sweet Sixteen parties. It all depends on how traditional you want the party to be.

The Quinceanera Birthday is a typical Latin American celebration in which a girl is introduced to society. The celebration marks the transition of the quinceanera from a girl to a woman.

In the following article, we mention the customs of a Quinceanera party held in a Banquet hall. It is worth mentioning that each quinceanera and her family can adapt their own protocol, the order of the protocol or include parts of the protocol based on their own family tradition, but the most extended protocol is:


How to design Quinceañera party invitations

Invitations should be sent out and all family and friends should be notified so that they can set aside the date of the XV. The invitation to the selected Banquet Hall can be electronic or the traditional printed invitation. For the electronic ones there are many solutions such as to save the date and for the printed ones we have some options here or you can also choose to make a photo session with your dress and place it in the invitation.

It is advisable to confirm the attendance of all the guests for at least one month in order to have an estimated number of attendees of the celebration and to be able to set aside the chairs in the banquet hall.


The ladies and gentlemen are part of the Quinceanera procession, which is normally composed of 7 ladies and 7 gentlemen, with the quinceanera being number 15. The ladies usually wear a white dress with a ribbon in the color of the quinceanera's dress and the gentleman wear a tie in the same color of the dress. They will perform an arch with swords or flowers at the entrance and will also be part of group choreography.


Banquet hall in miami for quinceañera party

While the quinceanera waits in a room other than the banquet hall, the parents or a close relative will receive the guests, who should approach the signature book and leave a message for the quinceanera. After 30 to 60 minutes from the time indicated on the invitation, or when 70% of the guests have arrived, the Quinceanera will proceed to the entrance.


Limousine to take quinceañera to banquet hall

While the guests are arriving, the quinceanera can be in a limousine, celebrating with family and entourage and taking pictures. If the party is at a banquet hall in Miami, we recommend these places for the debutante or quinceanera to have an incredible photo with her entourage and unforgettable memory of her party.


One of the most awaited moments of the party is the entrance of the quinceanera, so whichever option you choose, it must be spectacular, starting with the entrance of the court, siblings, grandparents, and finally the quinceanera with her father or both parents. At this moment, the guests applaud as the quinceanera walks to the main table of the banquet hall, which is distinguished from the other tables by its decoration and position.


After dinner, the quinceanera proceeds to sit on the throne, so that her father can change her sandals for high-heeled slippers. Here her mother will also put on her ring, necklace or bracelet and paint her lips. All of these are symbols that represent leaving childhood to enter youth and her introduction to society.


Roses as a gift for a quinceañera party

This ceremony consists of the presentation of fifteen candles, by the debutante or quinceanera, to the person she considers most important in the development of those fifteen years and is usually accompanied by a speech, generally dedicated to each of the persons to whom this award is given.

This can also be done with a detachable bouquet to hand out roses.


The quinceanera takes her favorite doll and gives it to her younger sister or younger girl who is part of the family. This ritual represents that she is leaving childhood behind and preparing for a more mature stage.


After this ritual, the quinceanera proceeds to dance first with her father in the banquet hall ballroom, followed by the godparents, grandparents, and the boys of her entourage in the traditional waltz.


Choreography for quinceañera party celebration in miami

It is common that prior to the celebration, the quinceanera, along with her closest friends, have prepared a dance to a song of their liking and when it is played, they all start dancing to the choreography.

At Quince Años es we can help you organize your perfect choreography.


In the toast, the parents take the opportunity to thank the guests and the godparents give a few words or a poem to the quinceanera. The Quinceanera toast symbolizes the importance of her first words as a woman, her gratitude, her feelings, and her goals and aspirations.

It is common for the quinceanera's glass to be personalized so that it will remain as a memento of her first toast as a woman.


Quinceañera birthday cake at banquet hall in miami

The cake should be served after the toast or waltz. It is accompanied by the traditional mañanitas with Mariachi or a typical Mexican song.


crazy hour at banquet hall in miami

After enjoying the traditional Mariachi songs in a Quinceanera party, the crazy hour arrives, with beautiful decorations in your banquet hall, music, and entertainment, plus the most awaited part for everyone: the dance. In this part the traditional cotillion is delivered, to liven up the party even more.

It is important to have made a good selection of music or to have a DJ expert in Quinceanera parties.

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