Quinceanera Party Decorating Trends 🎈🎂

banquet hall decorated with balloons and pink lights

The decoration of the banquet hall of your choice is usually not as easy as it seems. So that everything is as you dreamed it, we leave you some tips to keep in mind.

The decoration, in addition to being important, is fun to plan... Not only create the environments but also think about the small details to give your banquet hall an original and creative look.

Decoration with fabrics

fifteen birthday decorated with pink fabrics and balloons

The good thing about this type of decoration is that it does not require many details and you can use different colors and textures to combine. If the banquet hall has a high ceiling, you can decorate it by crossing the fabrics. If there are ladders, you can wrap them around the railings of the ladders. You can also decorate the main table, the chairs, the Candy Bar, the sweet table and much more...

Decoration with balloons

stand decorated with metallic balloons on 15th birthday

This type of decoration is ideal to decorate if the banquet hall you chose has a large space. They can be used, for example, to make bows, centerpieces, garlands, the name of the quinceañera, numbers, etc. It is a colorful and fun option that can be easily complemented with other elements to design your quinceañera party.

Decoration with LED lights

banquet hall in miami with fuchsia led lights

It is an ideal option to give your banquet hall a modern and delicate atmosphere. You can use chandeliers, led curtains, armchairs, or led centerpieces, to light up your party and set it up at the same time.

Aspects to consider when choosing the decoration for your party:

disco ball with fuchsia lights on fifteen birthday

The budget: It is important to consider how much you want to invest when planning your party. That is why it is recommended that you consult with decoration houses or with the decorator designated by your banquet hall.

The type of Party: When organizing your party you must decide what type of party you want to have since the decoration will not be the same if your idea is a themed party, a traditional party or an informal party.

The space of the place: Taking this detail into account will allow you to know where to pay more attention when setting the banquet hall. For example, areas with poor lighting, the spaces where the guests and the staff of the room will pass. That's all. If you liked these tips, you can learn more in our blogs where you will discover tips and guides to always make your party unforgettable!

Quinceanera photo gallery from Revolution party studio

You can see photos of some of our decorations in our event gallery and start imagining what your party would look like at our banquet hall in Miami!

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