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Landscapes loaded with palm trees, a radiant sun, a breeze that grazes your face, your skin will accompany you throughout your visit to Miami, Florida.

Miami has more than 20 options of accessible beaches so you can go with family, friends or just to think and clear of the stress of work, fatigue, or just thinking. If you are looking for different alternatives to live a unique experience, do not forget to know the following beaches when you go to Miami. You will be completely in love.

If you want to travel and forget the stress experienced daily, your best option is to take a flight to Miami and land at its airport: the main attraction of this city, located in southern Florida, are its beaches, considered among the best beaches in the United States. United. Had you heard it? I will show you.

Each one will let you be seduced by its charms and wonders and are made for every taste, for example, there is Hobie Beach for those who love surfing or Surfside Beach for those looking for something more relaxed. Also, you will know that sightseeing in Miami is not complicated, you will fall in love with its views, smells, and colors.

So always have your camera ready.

Siesta Beach (Out of Miami)

Surely one of the best beaches in Florida where to go to watch the sunset. On the beach of Siesta Beach, you can see how the sun falls right on the Gulf is spectacular, you will not want to leave how beautiful it is.

Contemplating a sunset in Miami is an unforgettable image. Also, Siesta Beach stands out for being the beach with the softest sand on the entire coast and very clean. It is white quartz sand, bathed in crystalline waters, a beach capable of falling in love with any visitor. Make your own conclusions.

This beach is considered one of the best beaches in Florida, however, it is a bit far from the city of Miami, but it is still full of tourists.

Sanibel Island

Sunset on Sanibel Island will be one of the images that will be recorded in your memories and memories for a lifetime, you will tell your grandchildren.

Located in the southern tip of Florida, it has great advantages such as its convenient access since it has a bus stop and parking if you decide to take your vehicle. Co a visit will not be enough to enjoy this beautiful place, with beach accommodation areas, offering you a great view of the sea where you will admire the sunrise with your favorite person.

Besides, Sanibel Island in Miami has a lighthouse to make an excursion with the smallest of the home, which although they may not know its interior, makes it unique to take pictures and capture this incredible moment. Do you want to be on the move? Sanibel has bicycle routes to admire the landscape differently and once you exercise, you can certainly watch the sunset, making it one of the best beaches in Miami Beach.

Take many photos, fill your album.

A curious and very important fact to mention is that Sanibel is one of the beaches of Miami that has white sand and, although its water is crystal clear, it is normal that it is a bit hot due to its geographical location. Sounds great? It is, so does not stay with just reading and visit them.

Matheson Hammock Park

It is a perfect beach for families with the most naughty kids in the house. The beach is formed by a group of artificial atolls that form like a pool, and it is a great place to spend a fantastic day under palm trees, breeze is spectacular and its peculiar smell will make you fall in love.

The park is a kind of maze, so you should turn left towards the forest until you reach the parking lot near the showers.

To enjoy the beautiful views of Biscayne Bay, it is advisable to take a walk around "the pool" until you reach Tenerife Reflecting Point, an area with banks surrounded by coral rocks. Matheson Hammock is also the perfect place for fishing, picnics, kayaking, and kiteboarding. Don't panic, don't miss out...

Virginia Key Beach

It is one of the most interesting beaches in South Florida. It is located outside the Rickenbacker Causeway, near the Miami Aquarium (Miami SeaAquarium). Its good location has made it one of the most frequented coastal areas by tourists and by the inhabitants of Miami, a fact that does not take away a particular and very cozy charm you will feel like a family

If you want to avoid the beach crowd, you should walk a little, and very close you will start to find places and areas quieter and away from the crowd, for your peace of mind. In the southern zone, dogs are allowed not to leave them alone at home and also enjoy (tied). In the north zone, it is a place where windsurfing is practiced.

On this beach, you can also find any type of service such as restaurants, beach bars, showers, sun loungers.

Hobie Beach

A peaceful bay with temperate waters makes Hobie Beach the perfect place to learn windsurfing or paddle kayaking.

The most popular beach in Miami among windsurfers is located in Key Biscayne. Are you looking for some adventure? Hobie Beach, also known as Windsurfer Beach, is part of a very calm and spectacular bay with warm and shallow waters, ideal for those looking for beaches suitable for windsurfing or learning, enjoy kayaking, or just take a tour of the mangroves Other water activities offered include mini catamarans rides. It is definitely one of the quiet and beautiful beaches in Miami.

Cheer up just look for your friendships to be an unlimited experience.

The amazing thing about Hobie Beach is that you can enter with your pets and have a fun time. To cool down, you have small shops where you can have a lemonade under the shade of palm trees and the peculiar smell and enjoy the most privileged view.

However, it has nearby places to eat, such as the case of Miami Seaquarium Pink's Hot Dog, who offer authentic American food, you will leave with a little kilos, but you deserve it and deserve, the Obba Sushi and the Work are delicious Kitchen Table Would you like the idea?

Hobie Beach in Miami provides its visitors with a free parking service a few steps from the beach. They have increased security to provide greater confidence and tranquility to those who will meet her.

On the beach, they have enabled spaces intended for public services of tourists, such as bathrooms and shower areas. The only drawback of Hobie Beach is that it does not have many parking spots, so arrive early to enjoy the whole day in this spectacular place, with great tranquility.

Haulover Beach (Miami's Nudist Beach)

Haulover Beach is located in Miami Beach, between Sunny Isles Beach and Bal Harbor.

This beach is known worldwide as the only legal nudist beach in Miami (it should be clarified that only the northern part of the beach is nudist). Haulover Beach is a fantastic place for surfing and enjoys endless activities available to tourists: tennis courts, areas where kites fly, golf, etc.

Like many other beaches, it is necessary to pay for car parking. So come and enjoy the outdoors and live a magical and especially great experience.

And these are only a few options...

After knowing its beaches, you will surely want to spend a pleasant and fun holiday and, above all, continue to know the natural beauties found in Miami 🌊


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