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Updated: Mar 4

Learn to enjoy a Neon party to the fullest

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The theme parties, it seems that neon parties are the best, maybe it should be the influence of electronic music, colors, and accessories, has made this trend now more and more required among children, youth and adults, for this type of event there no age for those who want to excel and that the party is something unforgettable for everyone ...

How to go to a Neon party 🕺

You can tell your guests to wear clothes in white, neon orange, neon green, or accessories that stand out with the lights, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, tendrils, eye mask, lenses, masks sometimes wear black shirts with spots of neon paints that It is also a trend because you mark your style, paint it to your liking and you will be the feeling of the party everyone will talk about your wardrobe.

These types of events are magical, if you make your entrance with a white dress with neon accessories, artificial smoke and dull light it will be the sensation of the night the explosion of applause will be majestic and of course if you want it to be even more unforgettable because Prepare your camera or hire a good photographer to capture this wonderful and great story.

With a component of Neon party, Neon painting, among the attendees, image, DJ Music, Photography, and Video will be the best ingredients to live this unforgettable experience.

Maybe it's those 15 years, or that bachelor party, that company party, or simply the birthday party of the most spoiled of the house with the theme of superheroes or princesses who wants to become color. So you know, Neon Parties can make a difference.

How to decorate the Neon party

One of the latest trends around the world in private parties, birthday is the phosphorescent party. To create a spooky experience with many colors.

With a little planning it can be very useful if you want to prepare the perfect neon party, so read the first step to start with the ideal shopping list and the guide to organize everything and make it much fun!

So we want to help you a little, keep going down to give you some tips:

Get the materials.

1. Get ultraviolet lights: If there is something that comes to mind when you hear the words "phosphorescent party", it is usually ultraviolet light! These types of lights provide a fluorescent glow to objects that have bright colors, accessories, and lots of fun which makes the floor a swirl of colors. Ultraviolet lights are not necessary to organize an amazing phosphorescent party (you can always use normal decorations that glow in the dark), although they can make such a celebration much better.

2. Get fluorescent papers and pens: To give your party a personal touch, try making your own decorations with brightly colored papers and pens. Cardboard that is specifically identified as fluorescent will generally glow with ultraviolet light, as will most common highlighters and markers. So cut your favorite figures to give the decoration a touch of yours.

3. Get light bars: Something that can not be missing in a phosphorescent party are the light bars. This accessory (which can come in the form of a plastic "tube" or a flexible band that you can wear) contains a series of substances that cause a mild chemical reaction that provides several hours of shine.

Try using normal light bars as if they were a necklace or use the narrower and more flexible versions as if they were bracelets. Everyone is fascinated by this because when they dance they are uploaded and the photos will be spectacular.

4. Get common or led decorative lights: Something else you can add to your phosphorescent party are the decorative lights, which usually come equipped with common or led type bulbs. Currently, LED lights are very economical and can be programmed to shine with different colors or show a pattern of colors, which makes them a great option for your party if you are going to buy new ones.

5. Get body paint: If you want a truly wild party, consider painting your body with phosphorescent paint or even offering it to your guests. Phosphorescent body paint is usually available in specialized places, such as costume shops, witch's day accessories and some websites.

This painting is harder to get than the other party materials, but if you use it correctly, you will get incredible results. They can even play games and penances be your friend's paint on the right or left and you will see that your party is super lively.

6. Get accessories that have bright colors: If you can get them for a good price, the lenses, bracelets, masks, eye mask, necklaces, rings, rings and other brightly colored plastic accessories can be great gifts for your phosphorescent party guests. However, the important thing is that you save your money.

7. Get some great songs: Parties and music are like tomatoes and mayonnaise; They go hand in hand. If you want to recreate the unique aspect then opt for modern electronic music or classic house or techno rhythms.

8. Do not forget food and drinks: Any party needs food and drinks. Guests who dance, talk

, and have fun will become hungry and thirsty at some point, so it is a good idea to have a variety of snacks and refreshments ready. For phosphorescent parties, choose to serve snacks that can be eaten with your hands, as it can be difficult to deal with dishes and silverware in the dark and spill nothing.

* As for drinks, you'll want to use some plastic cups instead of glass cups or other "fine" containers. Plastic cups are the most obvious option because you don't have to wash them after the party or have to worry about the troublemaker who likes to break things, buy them colors.

* You can easily find in the supermarkets "food trays" prepared with cheese, sausages and cookies. However, your guests would like the fact that you prepare the food for them, so it is your choice but you should show off with some other small parades.

Do not stay without enjoying the adventures and the unique experience that will give you talk

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