Themed party ideas for adults 🥳

Updated: Mar 4

Thinking of throwing a party? Do not do it without first reading this post with types of theme parties for adults. Discover the most fun and original parties and choose which is the best for you.

Types of adult-themed parties 🎉

Karaoke Party 🎤

Ideal for removing any embarrassment that guests may have. Everyone without exception has to go through karaoke and demonstrate their skills on the microphone.

Hawaiian Party 🥥

Pool, exotic cocktails, and flower crowns. The perfect type of party for when the good weather arrives and everyone is looking forward to going out.

Hollywood Party

This party is characterized by the fact that all the guests must dress up as their favorite actor. The more classic the actor, the better. You have never seen so many celebrities together.

Vintage Festivals

You just have to choose your favorite era: the Middle ages, the 60s, Victorian times... and then the corresponding setting is prepared so that all the guests believe they have traveled back in time.

Slumber Party 💤

The most comfortable way to have fun is the pajama parties that we have all enjoyed as teenagers. Also, it has a great advantage over the rest and that is that you will not spend half an hour in front of the mirror thinking about what to wear.

Carnival Party 💃

The carnival party is a classic that does not fail. Nobody here tells you what you have to dress up as so imagination to power. To encourage ingenuity, you can have a costume contest.

Country Holidays 🐎

There are many options to choose from here, as many as there are countries. They can be Brazilian parties, with all their rhythm, or American parties, with cowboys and barbecue or, why not, a typically Spanish party.

Child Parties 👦

If sleepovers take you back to adolescence, why not go one step back and go back to childhood? A party with all the typical components of a children's birthday party.

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Thinking of throwing a party? Discover the most fun and original parties and choose which is the best for you.

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