Theme parties: 7 TOP theme ideas for original parties

Updated: Mar 4

Big and Colorful themed party

No party theme ideas? Looking to make an original costume party? Ok, we love parties, you have caught us… A themed party is the best way to enjoy very fun moments with friends since we can take the opportunity to have a party in the pool or on the beach, for example, or with a common thread for the costumes ... although in reality, thematic parties are welcome at any time, place and situation.

Today we are going to review several ideas for parties so that you can organize a fun themed party, with proposals for you to get the most appropriate costume for the occasion and with the best decoration to set the scene. We started by looking at party themes!

Ideas for a Pirate themed party

Pirate life is the best life! And since we have not been able to live it, we are going to try to recreate it by organizing a pirate party. If it is summer, better than better, you can set it in a pool or in the sea. And if there is a boat involved, great! The pirate party is one of our favorite party themes!

To do this, you will need, first, some good pirate costumes, to get into the role. We propose some ideas to dress up as a pirate, with costumes for children and also for adults.

Once the wardrobe has been solved. We advise you to decorate the space a bit. You can do this with some pirate party decorations, such as palm trees, rudders, pirate flags, or parrots.

Pirate themed party with a lot of people

The rum bottles, real or paste, we leave it in your hands.

Prepare an original Hawaiian party, another type of themed party

More Theme Party Ideas: Moving on to summer events, how about a Hawaiian themed pool party? You'll be able to serve cocktails with funny straws, dress up in your Hawaiian skirt and flower crown, and wear a bikini all day.

Starting with the clothing, the Hawaiian is very characteristic and consists, fundamentally, of flowers, skirts with straws, shells, and cool shirts for the boys.

You can opt for the most basic Hawaiian costumes, with its skirt and bra or flower top, in addition to the accessories. This is an idea for a themed party that doesn't disappoint anyone.

Beautiful beach high noon

Even more sophisticated ones, like these flower dresses for women and girls.

For boys, the essential thing is the straw hat with flowers and a shirt (nothing discreet).

In addition to the Hawaiian costumes, we give you some ideas on how to organize the party, also taking into account the Hawaiian decoration.

To welcome guests, nothing better than a typical Hawaiian message: Aloha!

To drink the cocktails, a coconut-shaped glass and straws with flowers.

If you are going to put snacks, you can also decorate the table with a Hawaiian-style tablecloth.

More party ideas: 70's party

Let the music play and the ball roll!

And speaking of party themes, we couldn't stop having fun with a retro party for which we're going to use the funniest and most original disco costumes. You can become a true 70s diva with this costume that includes a flared black jumpsuit, silver belt, and headband.

70's themed party with people with costumes

You can add a blonde wig to complete your outfit

To be the queen of the track, this outfit is ideal.

Don't miss your afro wig or glasses. And to move the skeleton!

For the boys, we also have disco costumes, psychedelic costumes, and rockers.

We cannot ignore the theme of decorating for theme parties and if you want to organize this seventies and dance meeting, we suggest that you throw some colored confetti and add some lanterns to set the scene for the dance area.

More ideas and party themes! 1920s party

We go even further back in time to go back to the days of gangsters, cabaret, and burlesque. A very fun idea to organize one of these themed parties for adults or children that surely you have already wanted to prepare. Look at these proposals and think about how you would like to set your party. The 1920s party is a super fun party theme.

20's themed party with black, white and gold

Remember that accessories are essential to complete your costume, so don't forget your submachine gun and your gangster hat.

And for 1920s-style Charleston costumes like this:

Remember that you can add hair accessories, jewelry, and the characteristic mouthpiece of the time.

Gastronomic party, another original theme party idea

It is clear that your fun theme parties will not miss the food, right? But we are going to go a step further and we are going to organize a totally gastronomic one: with food costumes. Sweet, salty, junk food ... To put on your boots with what you have prepared to eat dressed in twin costumes with the food you are tasting. And with the drink!

Grazing table in a gastronomic themed party

Hippie party from the 60s, another fun idea

We keep traveling in time and now we go to the 60s, the crazy 60s. Do you want to organize an original hippie party? We think that at first, it looks like it will be very fun ...

Once again, the accessories for these costumes are essential: glasses, wigs, headbands ... Long live the 60s!

Two people dressing as hippies

Remember that it is also important to decorate the party on the occasion, so do not forget to place some garlands of flowers, napkins, and hippie-themed kitchenware.

More types of theme parties: Profession party

Another theme to organize your party this summer can be the professions. Your friends and you could be astronauts, rock stars, cooks, or scientists. It is the good thing about costumes, which make us what we have always wanted to be ... 😉

Proffesion themed party with a man giving a conference

What do you think of all these examples of thematic parties? We have seen a lot of types of theme parties… 😉 You are all set to enjoy your funniest theme parties, with a wide variety of original party themes. You just have to let your imagination fly and think about that theme you would like your evening to revolve around, get the decorations and costumes ...

Have Fun!

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