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Take your time and organize it months in advance. And there is much to choose from and much to decide. First, the theme of the party will have to be agreed upon.

This decision will lead us to orient ourselves towards a party where we can dress our little ones as they like. The list of guests is another matter that will have to be determined to know how many party favors and surprise gifts we should have, (which are now sent personalized and online).

Already closer to the date of the celebration, you will have to make a good list of games for children's parties and look for gifts for the winners, gather everything we will need to organize them and the music that will accompany to make it more fun.

Thinking about the passageways is another important issue, we will have to make an effort to convert the house or space, be it a park, event venue into a cozy place for our little guests.

To do this, we must think of a fun decoration and full of color. The endpoint to the party will be that little gift that our guests will take home as a souvenir of an unforgettable afternoon of the party of their friend.

You can also call the reenactors, they sing dance and make fun games so that our children do not get bored.

Ideas to decorate children's parties with ornaments 🎈

Celebrating our children's birthday inspires all mothers, so we like to look for ideas to decorate parties and achieve a spectacular event full of magic, light, and colors.

The ideas to decorate parties that we are going to show you will make your celebration unforgettable without spending a lot of money; The key is to put your mind to fly and of course your creativity. Next, we present several decorating ideas and games that will surely be very useful and that can be done at home

Fortunately, organizing a children's birthday does not have to be expensive or complicated since we ourselves can create almost everything from party decorations, thank you gifts, candy tables, party favors, piñatas, to the clothes that our children go to dress on that special day for them. Let's go by parts!

Main table

Buy or prepare simple food according to the theme of the event and arrange it in a practical and spacious way so that everything is organized. There is no simpler economic decoration than this.

As suggestions, serve fruit covered with chocolate, homemade popcorn, cheese balls, meatballs, tequeños, sausages, cheese sauces, skewers with fruit/vegetable cubes, themed cookies, or fried foods. Any daily food can serve you, the trick is to use your creativity to create an economic decoration and with what we have at home with the perfect presentation.

Some ideas to decorate parties that you can use to decorate the table is to use vases, plain colored plates, bases of different sizes or boxes covered with cloth, glasses, pumps, decorations with soda bottles, boxes with the cartoon or just the super Favorite hero, You can also give a fun touch decorating the candy with colored sugar and chocolate chips.

Candy Bags 🍬

The decoration can be solved using a sign for each name and/or a colorful bow. The key point in the candy bags is the candy or the main toy. Whether you have chosen to do it themed or according to age, remember to select useful items so that they do not end up in the trash (school supplies, little cards in case of girls, or board games, etc.

The most fun to appreciate it and play and use it always.

The cake 🎂

  • Choose a flavor that all vanilla or chocolate children like are always safe and very rich.

  • It is not necessary to buy a huge cake the portions should be small for children if not the dishes will be obtained with part of the cake through the spaces.

  • If your party is thematic, the cake becomes very important, if you do not have the character, look for someone who prints it on rice paper and you can even customize it.

  • You just have to remember the cartoons or their favorite superheroes that your little ones like and it will be the most beautiful cake for your children to never forget.

We are going to give you some games for your little ones to have an amazing time, make friends, and especially break the ice.

If you are going to organize a party and you are looking for games for entertaining and original children's parties.

Best of all, they are simple games that do not require many materials or toys to play, since they can mostly be enjoyed outdoors and in a natural and pleasant environment.

Let's see fun ideas for children to enjoy during their birthday party:

The gift of a thousand layers

You must prepare a huge gift wrapped in several layers of colored paper. At children's parties, it is very customary to give gifts to children, which is why the game of “The Gift of a Thousand Layers” will be one of their favorites. Once the gift is ready, the children should sit in a circle, and one of them is given the gift to start the game.

What will you need?

  • Gift wrapping or colored paper

  • Candies

  • A gift or toy for children

Where do you play?

  • Ideal to play in a party room.

How to play

  • When the music is placed, children should pass the gift from one to another, until the music stops or the equipment is turned off.

  • The child who has the gift at that time should remove a layer of paper and if a treatment has been introduced, you can keep it and eat it.

  • Then, the music is put on again, so that the children pass the gift, and so on until all the layers of paper have been removed.

The child who uncovers the last wrapping paper keeps the gift and enjoy it.

Objective: Open one of the wraps to find a treat, and pass the gift to the rest of the partners.

Duration: Between 8 and 12 minutes.

Recommended age: Boys and girls from 5 years of age and older.

The treasure hunt.

There is no game more fun than a treasure hunt, and more when one of the objects to be found is also a special gift. Children will love to play detectives and compete against each other, to see which team finds hidden objects faster. There is no more fun game than a treasure hunt.

What will you need?

  • Between 15 and 25 different objects

Where do you play?

  • In an enclosed or outdoor space

How to play

  • To play the treasure hunt, children must be divided into two teams or more.

  • Each team will be given an identical list with each of the treasure objects they should look for around the place, in just 10 minutes.

  • Once this time has elapsed, the children must hand over the objects to find them to the team leader.

  • Then both teams will cross out the found objects from their list, to find out which one of them managed to find the most objects.

It is important that the adult who organizes the game investigates the place well and includes simple objects that can be found in the list. To make the game more exciting, including among the objects a special gift or treats that all members of each team can share.

If you want to make the game more complex, place a score on each object, depending on the difficulty of your search, to choose the winning team according to the sum of the points

Objective: Find the largest number of hidden objects

Duration: The duration of the game is between 25 and 30 minutes

Recommended age: From 6 years old 3.

Put the tail on the donkey

"Put the tail on the donkey" is one of the most traditional and simple games for children to play at children's parties. It consists of putting on the wall the drawing of a donkey without a tail, so that the children put it in the right place, while they are blindfolded.

What will you need?

  • A drawing of a donkey without a tail

  • Wool to make the tail, and type, to be able to paste it on the drawing

Where do you play?

  • Ideal for playing both inside and outside the home.

How to play

  1. To play the fun game of "Put the tail on the donkey" all children who wish to play must cover their eyes are a blindfold.

  2. Then, one of the adults must help them to face the drawing to start the game.

  3. Once all the children say: "Put the tail on the donkey", the participant must try to put it in the right place at a certain time.

To make the game a bit easier, teammates can help you by indicating whether to place it further to the left or more to the right. Higher or lower, etc.

The one who comes closest to the right place wins!

Objective: Try to put the tail of the donkey in the right place.

Duration: Between 18 and 25 minutes.

Recommended age: Boys and girls from 6 years of age.

Tips: let the children participate in the decision-making and preparation of the party, so you will stimulate their sense of responsibility and their capacity for organization and creativity together to achieve the party of their dreams.

Clearly determine the schedule, especially the time the party ends for parents to pick up the guests. As for the drink, although there are soft drinks, you can also include lemonade, smoothies, or natural juices. And water, of course.

The host must say goodbye to the guests gratefully and affectionately, thanking them for their gifts and their presence. Encourage him to lose shyness in this type of event for your next holidays.


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